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Do You Believe?

Author Sandy L Jones believes in the mystical, magical art of storytelling.  Worlds built from words can leave you enchanted, entranced, and captivated.  She is truly convinced that if a story makes you think, laugh, cry, or wonder, the author has done the job well.

Sandy has loved books all her life and from that love grew a passion for writing.  She hopes through her stories, she can share the magic that fills her heart.

Take a minute and check out her Research Links for a list of fascinating sites to find what you may need or just to enjoy.  She updates it occasionally and you can find new and exciting places to visit.  

Meet her friends and discover some wonderful and fun organizations on her Favorite Links page.  Read about her new series The Shadow Warriors.  Or just find out what she is up to in her Blog.



Sandy's poem, The Wait, appeared in Circadian Poems in December 2005

Her short story, Murder in Manhattan, appeared in the premier edition of The Scruffy Dog Review in January 2006.  

Watch for other news as they come available!










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