February 10th, 2010

“The greatets gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses .”

~Hanna Rion

…well maybe not by the Northeast’s standard but for us Texans it is COLD! The weatherman has predicted snow tomorrow for our area accompanied by sleet and rain so it is going to be miserable. I am going to hate to leave the house.

But tonight we are toasty and warm and I have a meatloaf cooked and roasted asparagus with parmesan. Delish! I could eat the whole pan of asparagus myself, but will be a good girl and share with GW.

Just revised Chapters 1 & 2 of my new WIP and moving on to Chapter 3. It’s hard getting back into the swing of the writing thing, but, since the story faeries haven’t bothered to leave any completed chapters under my computer, I’m going to have to do it myself. {{sigh}}

Keep warm!


July 22nd, 2009

“A man who wastes one hour of time has not discovered the value of life .”

~Charles Darwin

…stay so busy????

Rewind to two Fridays ago. Our good friends M & L invited us to a Double A baseball game a little ways from here. We started the fun by having dinner at the Cheesecake Factory where I split a pizza with L and GW had ribs and M an interesting sandwich. This was the first time to eat at the Cheesecake Factory and I opted for the Vanilla Bean cheescake for dessert which totally rocked. My mouth still waters thinking about it.

It had been forever since I attended a live baseball game and it was so much fun. Through L & M’s conections, we met one of the pitchers of the visiting team and that made it special. Is it my imagination or are they just making them so young nowdays? We stayed for the fireworks afterwards and we were all pretty impressed with the show. The only drawback was that it was so frickin’ HOT! It started out at 100+ degrees and once the sun set, it only went down to about 100.

Ahhh…Texas in the summer.

Fast forward to the next weekend. We visited a Farmer’s Market and brought home tomatoes, peaches, plums, and cantelopes. Then we scooted on down the road to M & L’s and grilled and swam the afternoon away. I swear, GW has a fixation about getting my hair wet. What part of ‘I don’t want to get it wet’ am I not making clear to him, LOL? But this time I was ready. Instead of spending the rest of the day looking like a drowned rat – I brought a girl’s baseball hat and put it on. So, instead of a wet rodent I looked like a wet dork.

RWA Nationals was last weekend and I have been hearing and reading so many great things about it. All the loops are buzzing and the motivation and energy is running high. Next year it is in Nashville and I am making plans to attend.

Still moving forward on my goals mentioned here. I am writing some every day even if it is a couple of paragraphs. Right now I am involved in Candace Havens word challenge. I did my 500 words yesterday and almost fainted at the 1142 words that are due today. Wow! Wonder if that means counting the 500 words yesterday? LOL! Somehow I don’t think so. Candy is all about tough love and getting things done.

Back to work…

Stay Cool!


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July 9th, 2009

“Be courageous. It’s one of the only places left uncrowded.”

~Anita Roddick

I have a new goal!

…thanks to Geri for sending me the info on the call for anthology submissions for Samhain.

Theme: Angels! And, just take a wild guess at what I am working on at the present time? Yep, you got it!

And it’s not due until November 1!

Okay, here’s the plan:

By Monday, June 13 – have storyline finished.

By September 30, have 30,000 words completed.

October 31 – have critiques and revisons done.

November 1 – send that completed, polished puppy off to the publisher.

I can do it…I can do it…

Gasp! It feels just as scary to do this as it was to do my Faerie story.

I can do it…I can do it…

On another note, hope everyone had a wonderful fourth of July. Was busy in the morning, but that afternoon feasted on GW’s ribs and then rolled ourselves over to The Chair for an evening of reading, watching fireworks on TV, talking, and laughing. Was too hot to trek outdoors to play for anything more than a late evening stroll around the neighborhood on Sunday after running errands such as grocery shopping and, of course, a quick visit to one of our favorite tool shops and then on to the mall for a few things I needed. I got an urge to buy The Four Seasons Greatest Hits (Franki Valli NOT Uvaldi like Brenda first thought, LOL which I am still not sure who that is) to add to my iPod and now I have a rockin’ folder with Oldie but Goodies that has approximately 115 songs ranging from the 50′s to the 80′s. I have over 900 songs total on my iPod and I love it, love it, love it!

Just give me my iPod and my netbook and I can stay out of trouble for hours. Most of the time.

Looks like time to eat dinner. BTW, the roasted chicken was fab last week! And very healthy. I gave the recipe to a friend and she also said her family loved it.

Stay cool!


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June 23rd, 2009

“Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages”

~Terry Pratchett

…Sunday was the first day of summer and it arrived with on the wings of hell!

It is now officially summer and nothing but triple digits are forecasted for North Texas.

Last week we had the opportunity to visit with one of GW’s dearest friends. He was here on business and since the Chicago area doesn’t have a Salt Grass Steak House, we trekked over and had a few drinks (for moi’ it was the White Zin, of course) and chowed down on some pretty good steaks. I can’t remember which steaks they chose but I ordered the Kabobs and a baked potato and YUM! I also tried their steak soup and both GW and I liked it so much I may try to make it. Shouldn’t be hard.

Since this was only the second time to meet ‘the friend’, it was fun to get to know him a little better. He and GW have been friends for so long that they have so many stories to tell. I can tell they actually have more stories they CAN’T tell, and as hard as I tried, mum was the word of the night for those. But it was endearing to watch them grin over memories of long ago and share things as only really good friends can. The kind of friend that will always be there for you. The kind of friend that could blackmail you till hell froze over, but you know they never will. Probably because you have as much on them as they have on you, LOL, but that’s besides the point.

I have a few of those and they mean so much to me.

Those kind of friendships are the best kind. Even if you don’t get to see or talk to each other on a regular basis.

Only have about 800 words on my new WIP. Must write faster…must write faster…

Tonight it’s either left over hamburgers or soup and sandwiches. I have a whole roasting chicken in the fridge I want to cook tomorrow so I am scouring recipes today for something that hits the YUM factor.

Stay tuned and stay cool…


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June 17th, 2009

“If the future seems overwhelming, remember that it comes one moment at a time.”


Seems as if I just don’t have enough time in the day to do what I need and want to do.

Last Saturday started with our monthly Yellow Rose RWA meeting with guest speaker multipublished award winning paranormal author Sandy Blair. I must tell you, she really rocked. There were a few tidbits and info she spoke on that ended up being epiphanies for me. Things that I have probably heard dozens of time, but this time sunk in. Duh! AND I won a critique from her!!! I’m so excited! Trying to spiff up and polish what I want to send to her.

Saturday afternoon, we spent at the lovely home of some friends. Grilling, swimming, laughing, and playing a game called ‘Set’. I like the game because I have a chance at winning! And with it being so hot, (trust me, Texas is hot, hot, hot and not in a good way) I even put on my bathing suit and got into the water. I wasn’t going to get my hair wet, but someone else had other plans.


Thanks, to L & M for inviting us over. Will be our turn next.

Sunday, we went to Brenda’s so GW could help her with a TV problem. She sent home an HBO television series that contained 5 discs – each with 2 or 3 shows on it. My first thought was it would take us a month to watch half of them, but we got so engrossed in the storyline that by Sunday night we had all the discs watched except for two – a total of nine shows we finished! We wrapped up the other two discs Monday and Tuesday nights and were so disappointed there were no more to watch! The killer wasn’t who I thought it would be or wanted it to be, but it made for a nice surprise. Didn’t get much done around the house, but enjoyed the vegging out and being mindlessly entertained.

Monday night found the recipe for PF Chang’s lettuce wraps and, although the cutting up the veggies were time consuming, it was so worth it!! It probably wasn’t exactly the way they make them, but I got durn close! I heart PF Chang’s! I also love their fried calamari, but you can forget me even touching the raw slimy things.

Last night I made beef fajitas and with homemade quacamole. Yum! And tonight I have some fresh talipia that I am going to bake or fry or something. That will also be a first for me so stay tuned. I have no clue why I am in such a cooking mode lately. Most of the time I agonize over meals.

Note to KB: My pulled barbecue pork didn’t come out as good as yours! :-( But I am determined to try again.

Thanks to Brenda for coming up with a new working title for my new YA. ‘Angels, Demons, and a Teenage Drama Queen.’
I’m still working on a rough synopsis and I’m really excited about this one.

Which reminds me…off to work on it!


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