February 6th, 2011

Not that I’m into that sort of thing, but love any kind of special day. Love the way so many are preparing for it. And with it being hosted here in Dallas, bad weather or no, the hoopla has been phenomenal! No way I’d be anywhere near the stadium today. I do hope for the sake of the tailgaters and fans, the weather stays warm enough for them to have a great time since it is so important to them.

The snow has melted some, yet it is still cold outside. Yesterday, GW worked hard at clearing off the driveway and sidewalk and now just patches that the sun doesn’t reach remain. The weather predictions still show some rain, sleet, and snow flakes, but the sun is shining right now.

Since being stuck in the house was starting to get to me, we went ahead and did the grocery shopping yesterday. Stopped at a local Mexican restaurant for late lunch/early dinner and then came home and didn’t venture out again. Did some writing, some reading and watched a couple of movies. I had seen The Saint with Val Kilmer years ago – so many I’d forgotten most of the plot – and GW hadn’t seen it all so we piled up on our chair and watched it and Jurassic Park.

Today, we are cooking a roast with veggies and I hope to get some more writing done. I’ve been able this last week, get over 6,000 words written on my Angels, Demons, and a Teenage Drama Queen and have written EVERY day!

I win, Denise!

Have a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday and I will be pulling for the Packers for some obvious reasons at our household.


February 21st, 2010

“Until you’re ready to look foolish, you’ll never have the possibility of being great.”


…we ran errands. And ran errands. And ran errands.

But we finally found the rugs we wanted for both the foyer and the family room. And they rock! They are the perfect colors and size and it is amazing how they bring warmth to the rooms. Still have so many other things we want to do but it takes time and lots of work. And we want to make sure we get it how we want it.

Then we shopped around and found the bedroom furniture for the guest bedroom. They now make ‘media chests’ which matches the furniture so you can put a television and DVD players and such on which makes it better than the equipment taking up room on a dresser. I loved that idea! I like a place for everything and everything in its place.

The furniture had to be ordered, of course, so it is the same ole hurry up and wait. But I have patience.

Most of the time :-)

We trucked to Home Depot and then to Sam’s Club to stock up on some items we were out of and by then we had worked up an appetite (shopping makes you hungry) so went to eat a late lunch. We had a gift card to On The Border so we pigged out on fajitas and veggies and rice and beans. Yum! We were good, though, and didn’t do dessert.

I did get some writing in. That’s important. I was having some trouble getting started on the chapter I am working on. I wasn’t quite sure where to begin it. Until that little birdie reminded me to just START! It can always be revised. But like everything else, I want it to be picture perfect the first time.

Today it is grocery shopping and then writing. I didn’t quite make my word goal this week, but still have to today to make up for it.

Have a great Sunday!


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