January 17th, 2012

GW (from chair in family room): What are you doing, Babe?

Me (in the other room):Who, me?

GW: No, the people down the street!

Me: Huh?

GW: Of course you. What are you doing in there?

Me : Nothing.

GW: I can hear you doing something. Is that a tape measure I hear? It better not be a tape measure I hear.

Me: Um…of course not. Why would you think that?

GW: Because I know what a tape measure sounds like. What are you measuring?

Me: Nothiiiing. (Much). Why?

(I hear a long suffering sigh)

GW: Because every time you get the tape measure out, you get into trouble.

Me (as indignant as I can):I do not. I know how to measure. I’m just measuring the floor in the foyer.

GW: Why?

Me: So I know how big of an oriental rug we need to buy to replace the other one.

GW: We need another oriental rug?

Me: Yeeeessss. When we moved the one we had in the foyer to the other room, we now need another one to replace it.

Silence for a long moment

GW: I was wrong.

Me: (trying to hide my grin. I’m not right very often.) Oh, yeah? Why is that?

GW: Because whenever you get the tape measure out, it’s not you that gets into trouble. It’s ME!


July 9th, 2011

To celebrate the July 4th weekend, GW and I took a long weekend to head south and visit some old friends I haven’t seen in quite awhile.

Saturday night started out by going to a honest to goodness real cowboy saloon. I wasn’t aware of exactly where we were going so had on my white jeans, black top and sandals. Kinda looked a little out of place on the dance floor among all the blue jeans and cowboy boots. Surprised to see the new (or new to me) trend of the girls now wearing short-shorts with their cowboy boots. Some looked pretty good and, of course, some couldn’t pull it off. But I believe that if it makes you happy and feel good about yourself, wear what you want.

We shared appetizers (the brisket nachos were my favorite. Thinking of trying those at home) with a few drinks and I stuck with my White Zin. I wish I could drink beer, but just don’t like the taste. A longneck brew just seems the appropriate drink for a place like that. You know, when in Rome and all that.

The dance floor started out being a little lonely, but it wasn’t long before the regulars were out there in full swing. Literally, almost. GW and I danced to one of my favorite slow songs and, let me tell you the man can dance. Of course, he proved he could hold his own on the dance floor at his daughter’s wedding. The photographer even included a short video of it in the video collage he put together.

Who knew?

Anyhoo, we discovered the darts area and all of us separated into teams and played a few games. This was the first time I’d played a real live game (although we’d put up a ‘real’ dart board in the garage over a year ago) and we all had a blast. I ‘doubled-in’ (don’t ask) once on a 17 and was feeling pretty happy about that although my team still lost.

After another white zin, it wasn’t long before the girls and I were on the dance floor line dancing and laughing ourselves silly. The guys just watched and laughed themselves silly at us. I promised GW I’d teach him how to line dance, but need to brush up on the old ones and learn some of the new ones.

Sunday night was spent at a barbeque eating ribs and chicken and grilled corn on the cob and an awesome salad. It was awesome just visiting and catching up.

Monday night was spent at another barbecue (different kind of ribs, different seasoned chickens, different type of grilled corn on the cob so everything was wonderful and, well, different). They had a pretty impressive firewords display at the end of the night.

It appears everyone had a great time getting to know GW. But I expected that.

Next day came the long ride home. Poor GW. He puts up with me either talking my head off or not saying a word, my head deep in a book or doing some tweeting or some such. But he never complains, he just smiles a lot and says he finds a lot of ‘humor’ in what I do.

Thank the good Lord he likes to laugh because I seem to do a lot for him to laugh about.

All in all, we had a great time and looking forward to our next trip. In the meantime, will be working on my dart game and my line dancing.


February 2nd, 2011

“Writers make sentences. Wanna-bees make excuses .”

~Paul Raymond Martin

Ouch! That quote hurt!

But so true it is. And it applies to everything in life, not just writing.

I know I have been so totally guilty of it. And, although I am probably on the top ten list, I’m not alone. When I really search my soul, I know the things I really want done, I get done, come hell or high water. Make my list of housekeeping chores and at the end of the day, they’re all checked off. But not when it comes to my writing. And I don’t know why. But I am working hard to overcome that.

Yesterday, I promised myself I would not worry about the house, the laundry, or any of the many, many things on my to-do list. And I got 2300 words in on my Young Adult I’m working on. And it felt SO dang good!

Lucy Moment of the Day:
Earlier this morning, before getting out of bed, I was half asleep and listening to the news about Puxatony Phil and, according to legend, if he sees or not sees his shadow, predicts an early spring or a longer winter. While his handlers held Phil and talked about today’s findings, I asked GW what kind of animal Phil was. He very nicely reminded me it was a Groundhog! Sheesh! After I stopped laughing, I explained I meant what ‘kind’ of animal a groundhog was. I just got that ‘yeah,right’ look from him.

Today I’m still not going anywhere so will see how much I can get done. Michelle, I did no editing like ordered!

Pack your bags, Teresa! Practice your words, Denise!


May 19th, 2010

“Everything is funny as long as it is happening to someone else.”

~Will Rogers

GW: Hey, Babe, we just landed. Don’t know which gate we’ll be at so I’ll call you as soon as I know.

Me (looking up airport address on the internet and plugging it in the GPS): Okay. I’m at Geri’s which is not far. Won’t take long.

GW (5 minutes later): Hey, Babe, here’s the gate number.

Me: (following the GPS instructions) Okay, I’m only about 15 minutes away. Will meet you at the baggage claim.

GW (15 minutes later): Babe? Where are you? I’m waiting in baggage area.

Me (as I notice the airport is behind me but GPS telling me I’m going the right way): Um, I’m on my way. Will be there soon.

GW (5 minutes later): Babe? You okay? Don’t worry about parking and getting out. I’m waiting out front now.

Me (traveling down an empty side road with airport still behind me. FAR behind me. MILES behind me): Um, sure. I’m fine. Just ran into a bit of traffic.

GW (10 minutes later): Babe? What’s happening? Think you’ll make it here sometime tonight?

Me (arriving at an empty field. Nothing but weeds and dirt. Planes flying low above me. GPS keeps repeating I’m at my destination): Um, Sweetie, almost there.

GW (10 minutes later): Babe? Where are you? I’m waiting in the one hour parking garage now. Waiting.

Me (sweat rolling down the back of my shirt as I try to find my way to the airport by following the landing planes. GPS turned off after third annoying ‘turn around, you’re going the wrong way.’ ): I see the airport. I’m sure I’ll be there any second.

GW (15 minutes later as looks at me with that all knowing look): You got lost didn’t you?

Me (looking innocent): What? Of course not! Why would you even think that? Sheesh! Givemesomecredit….OKAY! OKAY! I got lost!

GW: Why didn’t you use the GPS? That’s why I bought it for you. All you had to do was turn it on, look up airports on it and click on the one you want and it automatically pops the directions right into it.

Me (banging my head on the steering wheel): You mean you don’t even have to look up the address and plug the address in?

GW (shaking his head): No, Babe, you never want to do that with an airport. That way will just get you lost.


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