June 5th, 2012

…but GW and I have a new obsession! And it is…. (drum roll please)


Yes, you heard me correctly folks, it’s embroidering. How did we get started on such a creative outlet?

One day, I mentioned to him that I didn’t have a sewing machine so had no way of doing minor alterations and/or repairs to our clothing. So, GW being GW, he did his research to decide which machine we needed to buy. (I just love this about him. I mention something I’m thinking of purchasing and he does all the work to find the best for the money, the best reviews, etc. I get to skip this part and just enjoy the rewards, but don’t tell him I said that. He might start making me do it myself and I don’t have the patience, LOL!)

So, off to the sewing center we go. He’d decided on a Brother machine – one that does sewing AND embroidering! Cool, huh?

We take it home, read the directions and viola! His first project:

Isn’t Mickey cool??? But the saying is a private joke. If I told you, I’d have to kill you!

GW did great job even though he was being a smart aleck (which he is also good at). The reason for the text being a little different colors is because he used variegated thread (which means different colors both light and dark).

And then he surprised me with a bar towel:

Then we (meaning he) decided since the biggest project this machine would do is only 4 inches by 4 inches, we (meaning he) MIGHT need a machine that does a much bigger area. So, after much research (again) off we go to the sewing center (again) and came home with this:

Bigger, Better, Behr, LOL!!! It even comes with a tablet you can draw things and digitalize them to be embroidered.

So cool, huh?

So next came bar towels for a friend:

The friend loves them and has them in the new bar he just built in the game room. We were over there this weekend at a party and several people were commenting on them. Not that we were eavesdropping or anything (and loving every minute of the oohs and ahs and isn’t that cool. LOL!)!

Together, we’re working on a generic baby quilt (sorta like an experiment) and it’s turning out really cute. He embroidered all the squares and I am putting the quilt together on the smaller machine.

We are working on an idea for a special order baby blanket for his daughter and then plans to make several more quilts in different patterns.

Are we not the creative cats meow? He and I are both having so much fun poring over patterns and ideas and creating new works of art. But I do have to say, I’m proud of him for what he has learned and accomplished in such a short time. I like to think up the creative parts and he enjoys figuring out how to make them work. And he has some awesome creativity ideas himself.

So stay tuned and I’ll share more of our ideas as we go.


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