October 12th, 2005

‘Writing is the only known cure for not writing.’

Paul Raymond Martin ~ Writer’s Little Instruction Book

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October 9th, 2005

As we cleaned and packed and readied to leave the lake today, I thought about how life can be so balanced in a crazy sort of way. The opportunity to get away after a chaotic two weeks and 100 degree weather was well appreciated and needed. The weather was cooler, the lake beautiful, and the friends as wonderful as always. This was our third writer’s retreat and we needed time from our jobs, families and busy lives to just go and enjoy. And we did exactly that.

Two of my friends, Mik and Dennie, told me they had never heard me talk as much as I did this last weekend. I was giddy in a relaxed sort of way. We didn’t get as much work done as we usually do, but managed to get two of the writers books plotted. Lots of food and laughter – it helps make up for the stressful times.

A special thanks to Sharon for being a wonderful hostess and for the gift of the Literati key rings. If you have never heard of her famous bookmarks and key rings, check out her site, Literati Bookmarks. These are awesome bookmarks that stretch and fit any size book and won’t fall out and lose your place. And with every bookmark sold, she donates a portion to children’s literacy.

For those in our group who couldn’t make it, we missed you. Not everyone plots or writes the same way, but I honestly believe that everyone finds something they can get out of it.

If nothing else, a chance to talk like I don’t get a chance to at home :sealed:

It was great to get away, it was wonderful to come home. Balance. Makes life good.

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October 6th, 2005

Wow! The house is empty, clean, and quiet. Too quiet. Except for Toy Story theme song which keeps running through my head! Thanks, Brady and Colby! , :eyes:

Everyone has returned home to clean up and clean out. I hate they all have to throw everything in their fridge and freezers away. What a waste! But they assure me it feels good to be home after being up here for two weeks.

Bill said that he will never evacuate again. Was I that good or that bad?

Now I am getting ready for our RWA chapter retreat! Looking so forward to this weekend of plotting, planning, talking, eating, and just rejuvenating and having fun! We have such great girls in our group. And so much fun! Have been baking chocolate chip cookies and brownies to bring. Yum! Also bringing veggies relish tray to eat healthy. But the best thing will be Michelle’s chocolate cheesecake! Double Yum! She is a Master at the cheesecake thing! We are riding together so she better hide it or it may not make it there! Who me? Nah! :angel:

Haven’t done ANY writing since the first five pages with the First Draft workshop. I am so ashamed! With a houseload of people I couldn’t think. Really have a lot of admiration for Dennie who writes with four boys and two dogs and the husband. Here’s to ya, Dennie!

I am really going to have to search deep inside and ask myself if I REALLY want to be a successful published author. Most authors can block out everything or let things go and write. I seem to be having trouble doing either and let everything get in the way. :loser: I plan on going away on the retreat and come back and decide what to do. But everytime I make goals and plans, something happens. Maybe I should not let the fates know so they will leave me be. It’s a thought.

Sandy S, glad your surgery went well and you are on the mend!

Cece, you cracked me up with the Onstar commentary!

JeanMarie, let me know when your website is up and running and good luck!

Mik, keep forgetting to ask you about the popularity thing on your blog! But, I do agree that Lost better speed things up and stop all those flashbacks. ‘Course that is what is good about taping it. You can fast forward past it! Sawyer is hunky!

Devon, love the new Circadian Poems!

C-ya when I get back from retreat!

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October 2nd, 2005

I have now been directly affected by Hurricane Rita in the form of 2 year old twins, a daughter-in-law, a mother-in-law, and a friend of the MIL. All had taken refuge further north than their hometown of Beaumont, Texas and ended up in the direct path of the storm anyway. My DIL and the twins were at her parents lake house and was left with no power for several days before calling it quits and traveled up to the the north Texas area for safety. My MIL and her friend came two days before the storm hit.

All of us thought they would be home again by now. All of us were wrong.

We are being assured that some of the area has power and that clean up is in progress, but we still have to wait until it is safe for them to return.

In the meantime, I am enjoying the family time, although I had forgotten what is was like to live on a full time basis with two year olds and an elderly mother in law. The twins have watched Toy Story enough times, they can say the lines with the characters. So can I. My MIL has watched Fox news so much she calls the newscasters by their first names.

Can’t say enough good about Bill, the friend. Eighty years old and going strong. And so much fun to be with -game for anything.

My house looks like it has had a direct hit from the storm. I almost killed myself picking up after them all until my DIL looked at me with a knowing look and convinced me that it was hopeless. She was right.

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