July 22nd, 2006

‘My mind works like lightening. One brilliant flash and it’s gone.’

…to RWA Nationals! Dennie and I are going together and Atlanta will never be the same!

I believe she is already packed, but I haven’t started. On my to do list tomorrow.

This morning started with me knocking my favorite coffee cup ~ full of the magic brew ~ off the kitchen counter and breaking it into a million pieces. Have any idea how hard it is to pick up wet shards of pottery off the floor? Not only was I upset for breaking the cup, but found it difficult to do without a caffeine fix :lovecoffee: . It was all I could do not to lick it up. :help:

Somehow I caught the Rachel Ray show on Food Network today. She is a hoot! And I like the way she cooks. Almost makes me want to start cooking again. Almost.

News for the week:
1. Dennie’s son’s surgery went well and is recuperating at home now.
2. Mik got a fantastic review on her newest book out. Check out her blog and read it.
3. Brenda C had a nice birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday, Brenda!
4. One friend who remains nameless had a great and unique breakfast this morning. Sorry, can’t share details as it is up to her, but it is NOT what you are thinking so get your head out of the gutter right now!!!!
5. Another friend, who also shall remain nameless, had the funniest surprise for her when she returned home from work. Now, you can think with head in said gutter!

Hey, you two, I can be bribed ya know!!!

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July 18th, 2006

‘Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to look at things on the ground?’

It’s not just a little heat, but down right hot in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

But have I let it get me down? Nope! I’ll have you know this weekend I cleaned and cooked and laundered and vacuumed and mopped and shopped for groceries and got my hair cut and highlighted (Dennie picked out the color) and weeded the flower bed (okay one side of it) and cleaned up my desk and made out the bills and spent time with the family (only because they were whining we never ‘talk’!). :juggle:

And before you gasp in wonder and clap your hands in glee, I have to let you know I even finished it by getting some writing done! :page:

Was that a great weekend or what!!!!

Believe it or not, I was able to get out of bed Monday morning. But it was just a wee bit harder this morning! :lovecoffee:

Even with all that it still doesn’t beat the kind of weekend both Mik and Dennie had! Check their stories out! But, hey, they are really overachievers!

Went to lunch with ‘C’ and ‘N’ from work today and discovered they loved reading as much as I do. ‘C’ sometimes reads three books a weekend! Promised them I would bring home books for them from Nationals next week. But ‘N’ has never read Janet Evanovich or JD Robb so I am bringing her the first two from each series to get her hooked.

What about you? How was your weekend? And what is planned for this week?

~Sandy J

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July 14th, 2006

‘If only writing were as easy as good writing makes it appear.’
~Paul Raymond Martin

…is a good cup of coffee. As the Faith Hill song goes.

Love my new job. Hate that I don’t have as much time to blog, but I decided I would do what I could and not worry about it. Will just have to catch up on the weekends. So if any of you want to know why I don’t visit as often as I did, I will still run by sometime during the week or weekend. Probably just not every day.

Last night, after a full day of work starting at o’dark thirty and ending at o’dark thirty, my supervisor and I ended the day attending at seminar on a new vaccine just coming out. The restaurant was Del Frisco’s and if you have never eaten there, you definitely NEED to. They are known for their steaks and mine was beyond delicious. The warm bread melted in your mouth and the potatoes were excellent. Won’t mention the strawberry cheesecake I brought home for later. Didn’t wait much later, though, because if any of those who shall remain nameless found it in the fridge…

I have a full weekend. Our chapter is having the website professionally done and he sent us the prototype the other day. The webisite committee got together and came up with some changes and tweaking, so have to get those to him. Dennie and I are having our hair done tomorrow to get ready for Nationals in less than two weeks. Have an eye doctor appointment for new glasses. Grocery shopping, laundry, post office, bank, church on Sunday…already feel a Starbucks need coming on.

Now! Drumrolls please!

Check out my two good friends good news…

Michelle’s new book, Talk Dirty to Me, is now available! Click here to order it!

Dennie’s new book cover is out with the book available September 19 – just before my birthday.

Way to go, girlfriends! So proud of both of you!

~Sandy J

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July 9th, 2006

‘Good timber does not grow with ease; the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees’
~J. Willard Marriott

…are all reaching different places in their lives. Actually have four sons, but number two has not called lately (Ahem!) so don’t know what’s up with him.

But number 1 son-who-is-father-of-the-twins is having his birthday today. I only think of how old I am getting when I think of how old he is so I ignore his age. Therefore, I can ignore my age. Happy Birthday, Son! Though you are going through some trying times right now, God is with you and will get you through it. I love you!

Number 3 son will be going into the Marines next January. He works out daily at the gym and weekly with the Marines to get into shape and develop stamina before boot camp. But he came home the other day saying that his instructor stated he needs to lose 15 pounds in 15 days. He is only 190 pounds right now! And fairly tall. That ticked me off. How could the Marines want a skinny recruit? And I am concerned because of the emotional impact of making him worry so much about his weight will have on him. But, hey, son, if you happened to find a way to do it, let me in on the secret! I’m going to bottle it and and then retire!

Number 4 son took his last college exam last week. Although the ceremony is not until August, he is now a college graduate, the first of all our boys to achieve that status. You have now begun a new chapter in your life. And chapters can make you laugh, cry, scream, exhaust you, bore you, and take you to new heights or to disturbing lows. Hopefully, though, you will experience all this in your own place of residence! Congrats, Son! We are proud of you.

Very proud of all my sons. They don’t do everything perfect, but neither do I. And the ‘struggles make you stronger and the challenges make you wise’ (Life Ain’t Always Beautiful by Gary Allen). I wish for all of you love, wisdom, happiness, health, and wealth. In that order. And I hope you dance.

~Sandy J

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July 7th, 2006

‘A moment’s success pays for the failure of the years’
~Robert Browning

Stole this from Wordnerd. Just think of one word answers. Not too difficult.

1. Yourself: frustrated
2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend: worried
3. Your hair: blonde
4. Your Mother: deceased
5. Your Father: deceased
6. Your Favorite Item: computer
7. Your dream last night: can’t remember
8. Your Favorite Drink: White Zinfindel
9. Your Dream Home: BIG
10. The Room You Are In: office
12. Your fear: homeless
13. Where you Want to be in Ten Years? published
14. Who you hung out with last night: a book
15. What You’re Not: mean
16. Your Best Friends: priceless
17. One of Your Wish List Items: new computer
18. Your Gender: Female
19. The Last Thing You Did: wrote
20. What You Are Wearing: t-shirt
21. Your favorite weather: October
22. Your Favorite Book? War Prize
23.Last thing you ate? pizza
24. Your Life: full
25. Your mood: funny
26. The last person you talked to on the phone: Mary
27. Who are you thinking about right now? writing

~Sandy J

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July 6th, 2006

‘Dogs are my favorite people’
~Richard Dean Anderson

Good friend and fellow Rosebud, Queenbee, lost her beloved pet dog, Murphy, yesterday morning. Murphy was such a sweetie and I will forever remember him being so excited when I visited. And how he would sit and watch patiently while I went to the snack jar and got him one of his favorite treats. Murphy would always wait for me to bring it to him, never jumping on me or barking impolitely. Not sure who was the trained one – he or I, but he was a wonderful animal and I will miss him.

Queenbee, our thoughts and prayers are with you as it is never easy to lose a loved one, be it two legs or four.

In his honor, here are some quotes I found about dogs:

‘I can tell you I’d rather be kissed by my dogs than some people I’ve known’ ~ Bob Barker
‘The more I see of men, the more I like dogs’ ~ Clara Bow
‘Dogs come when you call. Cats take a message and get back to you later’ ~ Mary Bly
‘The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants’ ~ Johnny Depp
‘Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole’ ~ Roger Caras

and my favorite:

You think dogs will not be in heaven? I tell you, they will be there long before any of us’ ~ Robert Stevenson

~Sandy J

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July 4th, 2006

Song of the day
If You’re Going Through Hell
by Rodney Atkins

If you’re going through hell
Keep on going
Don’t slow down
If you’re scared don’t show it
You might get out ‘fore the devil even knows you’re there

If you’re going through hell
Keep on moving
Face that fire
Walk right through it
You might get out ‘fore the devil even know you’re there

Happy Fourth of July to everyone! And many, many thanks to all those past, present, and future warriors who help to keep this nation free.

And many thanks to all the prayers and thoughts regarding my son and daughter-in-law, but with much sadness and heartbreak, they have decided to file for divorce. Hence, the song of the day.

For several days I was in a big, black mire of pain and tears, but due to the diligence of several wonderful, wonderful friends, I am now slowly pulling myself out of the life sucking quicksand. Everyone that knows me knows how much I love them and how close we all were. So, this totally knocked me out of the ballgame of life for awhile.

But I am a big girl (not literally, LOL), and they are grown people and have to make their own decisions and learn to live with those decisions. My wonderful daughter-in-law assures me that I will always have access to my three year old twin grandsons and as long as the twins can adjust – so can I.

It just hurts so bad.

We all have things in our life that motivate us, inspire us, and helps us through the hard times. And for me, it is music. And when I heard that song the other day, it was a wakeup and smell the vanilla latte for me.

We just might make it through this hell before the devil knows we’re there

~Sandy J

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