September 5th, 2007

“You can turn painful situations around through laughter. If you can find humor in anything, even poverty, you can survive it.”

~Bill Cosby

…purple, swollen, and drools?

My mouth after my root canal.

Get your mind out of the gutter. :twisted:

It was actually no big deal. Even when the dentist hadn’t deadened the tooth quite completely and had to stop everything to re-inject my mouth. And even when the nitrous oxide tank went completely empty in the middle of the procedure.

Hellooo! The only reason I agreed to this was the nitrous oxide. Not that I am a wimp or anything. But if there is a choice between:

a) pain accompanied with anxiety or
b) no pain with a tiny bit of feel good magic available

I pick the latter.

I tried getting the point across with my mouth full of instruments and hands but it wasn’t until I closed my mouth and refused to open it that they got the point.

Tank was switched and Jimmy Buffett on the iPod and I were back in business.

Tonight I finish a project for work and then I finally will force myself to drag out my WIP’s and figure out what to do next.


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September 4th, 2007

“The night is like a dagger ~ long and cold and sharp. “

~Smoke Rings in the Dark by Gary Allen

…is so cool.

Last Christmas, I had gifted my two youngest sons with iPod Nanos. My youngest son took to it right away but the middle son wasn’t as interested as he was leaving town and couldn’t take it with him. So I asked him if I could ‘borrow’ it while he was gone.

It took me six months or so to get it up and running, but once I did…I loved it! I loaded all my favorite songs and would even play it in the car with my earphones.

The other day Best Buy sent me a $50.00 gift certificate and I ran out and bought the car charger/player for it and it totally rocks!!!! I can now play all my 600+ songs on my car stereo speakers while it charges the iPod at the same time. And best of all, it only cost me $25.00 out of pocket. I so love a deal!

Work today was one meeting after another. Literally. With a non-scheduled meeting at 5:00 to discuss what happened at the first meeting. Sheesh! How does one actually get any work done??

Not much else to say except have a root canal scheduled tomorrow. :help: Will have to bring my iPod and earphones to drown out the drill.


Get off work early.
Nitrous oxide.

Might actually be worth it.


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September 3rd, 2007

“Patience is the companion of wisdom. “

~Saint Augustine

…Garden Ridge department store. Brenda and I decided we needed a trip to the place most men would rather have their privates caught in their zippers before stepping into what they call the ‘store from hell’. As we perused the aisles of household delights, we ended up in their huge section of silk trees. Don’t laugh ~ they don’t shed their leaves, you never have to spend money on fertilizer, and some cost as much as designer shoes.

The trees are lined up like linebackers on a football field and their top heavy branches hang out on both sides of the aisle forming a very narrow path to which you can barely push the basket through. As we made our way into the jungle, the basket caught on one of the bigger trees branches and ~ I kid you not ~ it toppled over onto the tree next to it, causing a domino effect which knocked over six or seven of the trees.

I swear I saw it all in ultra slow motion. I lunged past the basket and tried to grab the nearest one that was falling, while the words “nooooooooooo” escaped my horrified lips in a very undignified, dramatic manner that was probably heard on the freeway. Brenda just stood there and yelled ‘Timmmmberrrrr!”

Gaw! I can’t take that woman anywhere!

now picture this…

…Chili’s restaurant. Dennie and I had a lunch date where we were going to plot her new book. After having consumed two diet cokes and one water with lemon, I made my way to the little girl’s room. Of course, I picked the stall that the lock was acting funny, but, in my hurry, got it locked and went about my way.

Finishing up, I tried to unlock the lock and it would not budge! I pushed to the left and pushed to the right but nada…zip! I stood there a moment thinking. I tried again – nothing. Wouldn’t budge.

I was alone in the restroom. I was not going to yell for help.

I mentally listed my options. The thought of lying on a public restroom floor to scoot UNDER was ruled out as an option quickly. Very quickly! Ewww! The was only one other thing to do. I gingerly stepped one foot on the toliet then the other. Grabbing the top of the stall wall, I managed to pull myself up and over and just as I was hanging on the outside wall of the stall, an employee walked in.

I am sure the looks I got from the waitstaff after that didn’t mean anything. Much.


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September 1st, 2007

“Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it with the handle of anxiety or the handle of faith. “

~Henry Ward Beecher

…the days can be so long!

Did the house cleaning today and decided to finally put some boxes up in the attic that had been sitting in the garage for several months. I trucked up the ladder with my trusty, tiny flashlight in hand (actually my mouth as both hands were full) and got about a third of them up there when I noticed that I was very careful about not hitting my head on the light bulb.

Light bulb?

Could that possibly mean there was actually a light fixture up there that is connected to a switch somewhere? And that the switch would turn the bulb on and light up the attic so I wouldn’t have to carry the flashlight up and down with me?

Gaw! But in my defense it was the first time I had been up there since I moved in seven months ago.

Ran out for a few minutes to friend Mik’s house to attend her Sweetie Boy’s sixth birthday. Stayed only a few minutes and rushed back home to wait for something that never came.

Maybe tomorrow.

I really like the quote I picked for this blog entry.

Tonight, as I lay in bed listening to music, I am trying to hold on to the handle of faith for tomorrow and not the handle of anxiety. I just never knew that emotional pain could hurt so bad physically. But I know it is totally up to me as to which handle I choose and this choice will shape my day tomorrow and the days to follow.

How ’bout you? When life is tough and painful, which handle do you reach for?


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