August 20th, 2008

“Writing is a river. You have to keep swimming.

~Paul Raymond Martin, Writer’s Little Instruction Book

…falling from the sky?

Could it be? Yep, it’s rain. Much needed rain. Although it frizzies my hair. And gets my dirty car dirtier. And all of my 10 umbrellas are in the trunk and I never think of getting one out until it is too late.

But North Texas needs the rain.

I was asked why I don’t blog as often as I use to. My answer is that I didn’t work full time then. And anyone who has worked full time knows how it sucks you dry.

Speaking of work…part of my company has relocated into a new home. Well, not new as it has been around awhile, but new to our company. Once they get 288 of 800 employees settled in, we will take up three floors of the 36 floor building in the downtown area. My office is bigger and nicer although the view is now of the parking garage. :-(

We have dubbed the garage the ‘Speedway’ because people fly through and will run over your a** if you are not careful. And if you hesitate in any way – you are toast! You can defilnitely tell the ‘newbies’ by the fear on their faces as they walk to the elevators dodging the vehicles playing ‘chicken’ with cars and people alike.

You think I am kidding. If I make it my office alive, it is a good day.

Gotta run. Working on an article for my chapter’s newsletter and it will be due in a few days.

Here’s a pretty picture:


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August 15th, 2008

‘If you are not fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm.’
~vince lombardi

…found another blog theme. How do you like this one, BC, KB, KT, DM, MM, SS, NH?

It can be so much fun, but so frustrating at the same time.

Have been looking for something a little more modern, a little more indicative of young adult, which, thankyouverymuch, I happen to be working diligently on.

Except for Tuesday.

And Wednesday.

But tonight I got about 500 words done.

I have been struggling on setting word count goals and I am now starting Candy Havens new class called Writers Binge. In this class we are counting hours working, not pages. I only had about an hour and a bit to write tonight and was able to spit out the 500 words. She focuses on setting how many hours a day you want to write and the goal is to get immersed in your story. You can do it in one sitting or in increments here and there.

She says the best time to write is in the morning before all the stop signs awake (her words, not mine), but that is not possible for me. So I will need to set a certain timeframe each evening and work out my hours then. It is amazing that I had been thinking about doing that for the last two weeks and then got a verification from Candy’s class this week.

Great minds, yada yada!

Stay tuned.

Gotta run…


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August 8th, 2008

‘Unbeing dead isn’t being alive’
~e.e. cummings

The birds have to use potholders to
pull worms out of the ground…

The trees are whistling for the dogs…

The best parking place is determined by
shade, instead of distance…

Hot water now comes out of both taps…

You can make ‘sun tea’ instantly…

You learn that a seat belt buckle makes
a pretty good branding iron!…

The temperature drops below 95 and you
feel a little chilly…

You discover that in August, it only takes
2 fingers to steer your car…

You discover that you ‘can’ get sunburned
through your car window…

You actually burn your hand opening the car door…

You break into a sweat the instant you step
outside at 7:30 a.m. …

Your biggest bicycle wreck fear is, ‘What if I
get knocked out, and end up lying on
the pavement, and cook to death?’…

You realize that asphalt has a liquid state…

The potatoes cook underground, so all you
have to do is pull one out and add butter,
salt and pepper…

Farmers are feeding their chickens crushed
ice, to keep them from laying boiled eggs…

The cows are giving evaporated milk…


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August 3rd, 2008

‘All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them..’
~Walt Disney

…was hotter than the blazes and Sunday promises to be even worse here in North Texas!

What’s up with that? It is even hotter and more humid than the Texas coast.

I so cannot wait for October.

Watered flowers yesterday and, in spite of the heat, they seem to be flourishing. I am amazed at how well they have done this year. They actually look like they are on steroids.

They weren’t the only things that got wet as SOME people cannot be trusted with a water hose.

The heat will do funny things to you. Making a trip inside for a beverage, I spied a water bucket in the garage and got the bright idea of another use for it. I took it around back (heaven forbid any of the neighbors would see) and filled it with water. After toting a chair from the house, I placed it and the bucket just so, made sure my beverage was within reach, and lowered my blistering feet into my new ‘pool’.

Ahhh! It’s a mystery how your whole being can be affected by the comfort or non-comfort of those appendages at the end of your legs.

Laugh yourself silly, but it works! But why does the phrase “You might be a redneck if….” keep popping up in my head.

Bought a new bathing suit! I haven’t been bathing suit shopping in five years and decided that sometimes you just have to face the music and do it. So I hit Dillards bathing suit department and the first rack I found said “Inches Away”.

Cool! And at 40% off, this sounded promising. I tried on different styles and colors and found a couple that didn’t make me look like a popped can of biscuits and I WOULD be caught dead in. Or at least caught in public with. Both are very pretty and I love the way both fit. There are miracles in this world.

There was some guy sitting not far from the dressing room door. Evidently, his significant other placed him just right so she didn’t have to come completely out of the dressing room where ‘OMG! someone might see in her bathing suit’ (and I could so relate). She would try on a suit, stepped out of the changing room, go to the door of the dressing room where only he could see her and get the thumbs up or thumbs down from him.

What was funny was the other women trying on suits and go out there and ask his opinion. One woman asked him to close his eyes when she walked out. I can still hear him mutter “But you’re going to the beach! People are going to SEE you then!!!”

Men! They just don’t get it.

Played with my blog again and this is my latest. Brenda says this one has no personality, doesn’t tell who I am, but may have to leave it for awhile until I come up with something better as my writing is suffering and I feel the muses nudging me to get back to work. I think I have worked out some of the plotting problem I was having. Need to just get the rough draft down. And quickly.

Have a great Sunday!


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