September 4th, 2008

‘Feel the fear…and do it anyway’
~susan jeffers

…but they are so pretty!

Took some friends that are new to the area to Fossil Rim Park this last weekend. The kind of park you drive through and feed the animals.

It was fabulous! The animals are not afraid of the vehicles or the people and come right up to the car like little beggars.

When buying the tickets, we were warned about the zebras – they bite. And don’t feed the Sable antelopes because they are being ‘retrained’ – they attack the vehicles in their exuberance of free snacks – so be sure and don’t feed them Awww, that’s like inviting only some to the party.

But no one warned me about this fellow. He tried to peck me. Several times. Fresh little devil!

‘Hey, you talkin’ to ME?’

‘May I have some more, please?’

‘Darn! Left my barcode reader home again!’

‘Psst! Hey, Mister. Yo, Mister! Over here!’


“and then she said…and then I told her…and what happened next was…”

‘Sir, can I see your driver’s license?’

My favorites. Isn’t the baby precious?

By the time we got to the giraffes, it started pouring. We were very glad we hadn’t decided to ride the guided tour jeep that was open on three sides! Tried to get a pic of the people who did, but they were running for cover.

Decided to show the newcomers the flavor of the area and took them to the Stockyards where we gorged on all you can eat Bar B Que ribs, had a beverage at the infamous White Elephant Saloon, and finished the evening at Billy Bobs.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Can’t wait to visit the animals again in a few months.


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