June 30th, 2009

“What you will do matters. All you need is to do it.”

~Judy Grahn

Me panicked: Hey, the WiFi on my netbook is not working!

GW calmly: Why not?

Me panicked: I don’t know why not. It was working a minute ago.

GW calmly: Reboot it.

Me panicked: I DID! And it’s still not working. I have to have it. It HAS to work! What’s wrong with it???

GW calmly: I don’t know. What did you do?

Me panicked: I didn’t DO anything! It just stopped working. One minute I was on a website and then it stopped working. I can’t get on ANY of the websites I need to be on. I NEED to have internet access.

GW calmly: Why? The netbook was strictly for writing on.

Me panicked: Um, sure. It is. But I have to have access to the internet! You know, research and everything.

GW calmly: Uh huh, sure. Did you make a point recovery backup?

Me panicked: Point recovery backup? Um, no. Was I supposed to do that?

GW calmly: Well, it helps for situations like this.

Me panicked: But I didn’t know. What do I do now? Does it have to go back to the factory? I don’t want to take it back. I have to have it.

GW calmly: Let me take a look at it. We might have to do a whole recovery on it.

Me panicked: What does that mean? What happens then? Will that make it work?

GW calmly: Yes, it will work. It restores it back to the factory settings.

Me panicked: Will I have to reload all my programs?

GW calmly: Yes.

Me panicked: NO!

GW calmly: Do you want it to work?

Me panicked: Of course! I NEED it to work.

GW calmly: Here’s the problem.

Me panicked: What? What is the problem? Is it broke?

GW calmly: Well, you might say that.

Me panicked: Oh, NO! What’s wrong? Does it have to go back to the factory? Can you fix it?

GW calmly: I already did.

Me no longer in a panic: You did? Cool! Is it working? What was wrong with it?

GW calmly: See this button here?

Me happy: Yeah, it has a little antenna thingy on it. What’s that for? Is it broke? Did you fix it?

GW patiently and calmly: No, it’s not broke. It turns the WiFi off and on. And guess what?

Me sheepishly with a red face: I turned it off?

GW shaking his head calmly: Oh, Babe!!!!


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June 23rd, 2009

“Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages”

~Terry Pratchett

…Sunday was the first day of summer and it arrived with on the wings of hell!

It is now officially summer and nothing but triple digits are forecasted for North Texas.

Last week we had the opportunity to visit with one of GW’s dearest friends. He was here on business and since the Chicago area doesn’t have a Salt Grass Steak House, we trekked over and had a few drinks (for moi’ it was the White Zin, of course) and chowed down on some pretty good steaks. I can’t remember which steaks they chose but I ordered the Kabobs and a baked potato and YUM! I also tried their steak soup and both GW and I liked it so much I may try to make it. Shouldn’t be hard.

Since this was only the second time to meet ‘the friend’, it was fun to get to know him a little better. He and GW have been friends for so long that they have so many stories to tell. I can tell they actually have more stories they CAN’T tell, and as hard as I tried, mum was the word of the night for those. But it was endearing to watch them grin over memories of long ago and share things as only really good friends can. The kind of friend that will always be there for you. The kind of friend that could blackmail you till hell froze over, but you know they never will. Probably because you have as much on them as they have on you, LOL, but that’s besides the point.

I have a few of those and they mean so much to me.

Those kind of friendships are the best kind. Even if you don’t get to see or talk to each other on a regular basis.

Only have about 800 words on my new WIP. Must write faster…must write faster…

Tonight it’s either left over hamburgers or soup and sandwiches. I have a whole roasting chicken in the fridge I want to cook tomorrow so I am scouring recipes today for something that hits the YUM factor.

Stay tuned and stay cool…


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June 17th, 2009

“If the future seems overwhelming, remember that it comes one moment at a time.”


Seems as if I just don’t have enough time in the day to do what I need and want to do.

Last Saturday started with our monthly Yellow Rose RWA meeting with guest speaker multipublished award winning paranormal author Sandy Blair. I must tell you, she really rocked. There were a few tidbits and info she spoke on that ended up being epiphanies for me. Things that I have probably heard dozens of time, but this time sunk in. Duh! AND I won a critique from her!!! I’m so excited! Trying to spiff up and polish what I want to send to her.

Saturday afternoon, we spent at the lovely home of some friends. Grilling, swimming, laughing, and playing a game called ‘Set’. I like the game because I have a chance at winning! And with it being so hot, (trust me, Texas is hot, hot, hot and not in a good way) I even put on my bathing suit and got into the water. I wasn’t going to get my hair wet, but someone else had other plans.


Thanks, to L & M for inviting us over. Will be our turn next.

Sunday, we went to Brenda’s so GW could help her with a TV problem. She sent home an HBO television series that contained 5 discs – each with 2 or 3 shows on it. My first thought was it would take us a month to watch half of them, but we got so engrossed in the storyline that by Sunday night we had all the discs watched except for two – a total of nine shows we finished! We wrapped up the other two discs Monday and Tuesday nights and were so disappointed there were no more to watch! The killer wasn’t who I thought it would be or wanted it to be, but it made for a nice surprise. Didn’t get much done around the house, but enjoyed the vegging out and being mindlessly entertained.

Monday night found the recipe for PF Chang’s lettuce wraps and, although the cutting up the veggies were time consuming, it was so worth it!! It probably wasn’t exactly the way they make them, but I got durn close! I heart PF Chang’s! I also love their fried calamari, but you can forget me even touching the raw slimy things.

Last night I made beef fajitas and with homemade quacamole. Yum! And tonight I have some fresh talipia that I am going to bake or fry or something. That will also be a first for me so stay tuned. I have no clue why I am in such a cooking mode lately. Most of the time I agonize over meals.

Note to KB: My pulled barbecue pork didn’t come out as good as yours! :-( But I am determined to try again.

Thanks to Brenda for coming up with a new working title for my new YA. ‘Angels, Demons, and a Teenage Drama Queen.’
I’m still working on a rough synopsis and I’m really excited about this one.

Which reminds me…off to work on it!


June 10th, 2009

“Sound the note that calls your soul to you.”

~Sanaya Roman

A non-writer friend of mine inquired that now I finished one book – how do I start another? Where do the ideas come from, how do I decide what I am going to write, what do I do next.

My answer was I don’t know. Everyone does it different.

Are you working on something new? she asked. And when I said yes, she asked how I got started on it. I swear she’s like a dog with a bone, LOL! I thought about it a moment and then told her I could only describe how it happened with this current story because the last one didn’t happen this way and the next may be even different.

A few weeks ago I was talking to Brenda (otherwise known as queenbee to us at Yellow Rose) and something said in that conversation sparked an idea for another story. It was just a tiny ember that just wouldn’t die. During the next week, I thought about it , stewed about it, perused it, pondered it, and even dreamed about it, until one day it grew into a wildfire. I called Brenda and said, “I’ve got it all figured out! Do you want to hear it?”

Brenda probably didn’t have a clue what I was talking about at that moment, but because she is such a dear friend and knows me well, she never asked what I was talking about, but just said ‘of course’ and I told her my new story idea.

After typing up a rough draft of a logline and a short premise and some random notes, I emailed writer friends Sandy S and Michelle and asked them if they would read something and tell me what they thought. Because they are dear friends, they never asked what I was talking about and just said ‘of course’. And I sent them my new story idea.

I called another good writer friend, Denise, and I asked her if she would listen to something and tell me what she thinks. Because she is a dear friend, she never asked what I was talking about and just said ‘of course’. And I will share my story idea.

I have been listing things I want to have happen in the book and filling in plot points and character arcs and thinking of themes and settings and such. I haven’t actually written the first word because the first line just hasn’t come to me yet. But it will.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. LOL!

I do want to say thanks to these wonderful friends who I can call up any time and, without any questions and because they are who they are, knowing I value their opinion, will listen to me and share their true opinions and root for me and pull for me and even kick my butt for me when it needs it.

And I appreciate GW who puts up with me forgetting things and who listens to me pitch my story ideas or work out a plot problem and he never thinks I am weird when he asks what I am thinking and I launch into a long tirade on my writing and somehow, someway, he understands me.


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June 7th, 2009

“A tale never loses in the telling.”

~An old Scottish proverb

Ah…the land of kilts and clans, bagpipes and drums, whiskey and beer, haggis and bangers, naps and tatties, dancing and singing…

GW and I went with some friends to the annual Scottish Festival and Highland games Saturday. I tell you…the Scots and Irish certainly know how to party!

We started at 9:30 and the weather was so nice although the wind was blowing a bit hard for my taste. I hate my hair to be mussed. But by the time 3:00 rolled around, I was begging for it to blow harder, hair or no! I doubt it gets this hot in Scotland.

We got brave and tried several new things. First on the list was a beginners Gaelic lesson. Not sure if I could ever master that difficult language but we did okay learning some basic greetings. And GW really got into the swing of things and did very well singing Old MacDonald had a farm in Gaelic. Especially the I AI I AI O part! Must have some Scot in him way back!

Next, we stopped to watch a bunch of big guys in kilts (BIG guys…I dare you to call them skirts in their faces!) throwing these big ball things called hammers. Evidently, the one who throws it the farthest wins. You know, men stuff. Always competing.

Around lunch, we visited the food court and, of course, we all had to try some original Scottish fare. We tried Scottish meat pies (pastry with meat) and it was a little bland, but not bad. Then we tried bangers and mash (little sausages and mashed potatoes covered in onion gravy) – again, not too bad.

Then we all got our courages up to try haggis. Okay, if you don’t know what haggis is, I’m not going to tell you…just google it, my friend, and clap your hands for our bravery! Tried it once, don’t have to try it again, LOL! But you know…when in Rome…or Scotland I should say.

To reward ourselves we hit the funnel cakes and the scones with strawberries and whipped cream. Worth the calories, trust me! After all that, along with my favorite drink – pear cider, and just a wee bit, I promise :-) – I was ready for a nap.

But we perservered and watched caber tossing, Irish dancing, music from harp bands to the Celtic rock band The Kildares. We left around 3:30 and ran a few errands and then came home and crashed big time! But it was so much fun!!!!

One of the Bagpipe Marching Bands:

One of the many breweries serving all kinds of beer. They even let you sample before you buy. I was a wuss and stayed with the pear cider. But I did try a sample of the others.

I have no clue who those people were, but they wouldn’t get out of the way! Everyone takes their time and like to talk and visit.

This is where we bought our bangers and mash and haggis.

Here it is – my first (and last) taste of haggis. The haggis is the brown stuff. It’s served with mash potatoes and rutabagas. Proof for posterity that I did try it!

We B rockin’ with this group called the Kildares! Soon after this picture was taken a girl with a fiddle joined the group and it was awesome! I plan on downloading some of their music to my iPod.

This group was called Clandestine. Due to the heat, the bagpiper was having trouble tuning his instrument so he took it apart to work with it. It confirms that the bagpipe is not a native Texas instrument, LOL!

Okay, girls, here’s what we’ve always wanted to know but afraid to ask. But, take my word for it not ALL of them wear shorts underneath, LOL!

This is called the Caber Toss. GW did a great job with these pics:

This kind of dancing takes so much stamina. Their heels are not allowed to touch the stage during the performance.

Some funny sayings I saw:

‘Some see it as a glass half empty.
Some see it as a glass half full.
But an Irishman just asks: Are you going to drink that?’

‘Be careful meddling in the affairs of dragons.
For they find you crunchy and taste good with ketchup.’

Seen on the t-shirts of some of the women:
‘Kilt inspector – spread’em lad!’

If you ever get a chance to attend one of these festivals, I highly recommend it.

BTW, do you know what the Gaelic saying in the title of this blog means?

…a 100,000 welcomes!


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June 3rd, 2009

“To achieve all that is possible, you must attempt the impossible. To be as much as you can be, you must dream of being more. Your dream is the promise of all you can be. .”


I finished the first draft of my book!!!

A day early and 665 words over the bet with GW. We changed it to 45,000 because I had a whole week I missed of writing when I was busy judging for a couple of contests. Duty calls, you know.

Not that I would let anyone read it at this point. It is a really rough draft and will take quite a bit of revision. Hey, even Nora Roberts says she spits out her story and then goes back through at least twice and revises. And I am really excited about going through and shaping it up. I figure it will end up around 60,000 words once I am through revising it.

But I actually wrote and finished something and it feels so good!

And, instead of getting a Kindle, I opted for a 10 inch Netbook. And I love it, love it, love it! It is small enough to take anywhere with you and can fit into a large purse. It has WiFi capabilities so no matter where I go, I can log on and check emails, surf the net, etc. Not that I wanted one for that reason, of course LOL! But it is so convenient to haul around instead of my big laptop I had to connect and disconnect to everything it is hooked up to.

Here is a pic I pulled off the net to show how compact it is. Mine is the black one:

Now I have no reason not to write anytime, anywhere. I love it, love it, love it! Did I say that already? A friend asked why I didn’t want jewelry. My reply was that I am more interested in things that boot up! She just shook her head. It may have been in disgust, but I’d prefer to think it was amazement.

Poor GW! No double compound saw thingy for him! At least not until later. Like maybe Christmas…

But he tells me it was a win, win situation for him. Bless his sweet heart!

Gaw, I feel so rusty and awkward typing on this blog. It’s only been three months since the last time.

Off to start revisions…and do homework on a online workshop I am involved in…and jot down notes on a new story that is rolling around in my head…

Have a beautiful spring day!


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