Hope you like the new look! A great friend helped me with it and we were up until 1:30 am. I am very happy with it.

Saturday mornings I have a standing date with my husband and a nonfat, sugar free vanilla latte with 3 extra pumps of vanilla at Starbucks. Several years ago, the only coffee I would drink would be an occasional cup of the chicory flavor coffee so popular in New Orleans. But last year, at a Christmas party for my one of my writer’s groups, I received a Starbucks gift card. It took me several months to make it the store and since that first cup of coffee, I have been hooked.

I suppose having the time alone with my husband adds to that special occasion. We set some rules early on. No arguing, no lecturing and no complaining. We take this chance to talk about our week and what’s on our mind. Or the upcoming week and what we hope to accomplish. Or sometimes just nothing in general.

There is just something fun about sitting there with a cup of your favorite coffee, smelling the different aromas, watching the people come in. Some are regulars like us and some come for a special treat. There are the joggers that reward themselves, the loners that are reading or writing or just talking on their cells and the ones that meet their friends for a morning get together.

The good thing is that I spend the morning with DH and then have the rest of the day to write and work on various things and not feel guilty.

Today after coffee, we went to the movies to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Lots of action, buildings blown up, car chases, and bullets flying. I liked it, but I am easily entertained.

The rest of today I spent writing on my synopsis and blurbs for my website. Not quite through but closer.


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4 Responses to “Standing Date”

Devon Ellington Says:

Great new look! And good content. I’d love to swap blog links with you.

Cece Says:

Ohhhhhhhhh sounds like a great day Sandy and I LURVE the blog! I wanna see Mr and Mrs. S!!!!! :)

Mik Says:

I heart starbucks! My coffee is a grande (sometimes venti) vanilla latte. MMMMmmmMM Since we have the little boy, we’ll just have to wait for DVD for the movie – but it does look good. :)

Brenda Says:

Ok-like your blog–I’m not sure other people would understand why you have to go to different “offices.”
Hum, just what are you doing at all those offices??

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