“Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized..”

~Andre Simon

…After the Franciscan winery, we headed to our appointment at the Darioush winery located in Napa Valley. A reservation is required for the tastings at this prestigious winery so we didn’t want to be late.

Upon arriving, the opulence was outstanding!
To quote their website: ‘Reminiscent of the great noble architecture that once existed, the imagery of the Darioush building evokes Persepolis, the illustrious capital of ancient Persia.’

Check these pictures out:

We were ushered into a small sitting area next to the fireplace and served their speciality wines which we ended up buying a bottle of their chardonnay and one of their cabernet.

Me thinks we soon will need a bigger wine refrigerator.

Next came the Beringer winery. On the way, we decided we were getting a bit hungry, so we stopped at a local general store and bought sandwiches, fruit, and goat cheese and bread. On the courtyard of the winery, they had small tables and benches where you could relax and enjoy the atmosphere under the pristine sky. Although we were now shedding jackets, it was an ideal place and and perfect weather for our picnic. We ended up too full to try any of their wines so we walked around the area and just enjoyed the scenery.

…to be continued.


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