It’s hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone. It’s also hard to believe that it has been a week since I blogged. But having a house full of company makes you spend most of your creativity keeping everyone happy, entertained, and fed. Not to mention the eight hours it took to clean house and take down the inside Christmas decorations once everyone left. Then worked beckoned and I had to put in 9 hours today, but tomorrow is only a half day so I will have another long holiday weekend. :thumbsup:

My oldest son, daughter-in-law, and the twin grandsons came to spend the holiday with us and it was fun seeing the magic in a little one’s eyes again. Brought back so many memories of Christmases past. Two year olds can really be a lot of fun. And a lot of work. But they are such good little boys and we miss them already!

While getting ready to open presents, we discovered that our video recorder wasn’t working. My dh, of course, blamed me and and I, of course, blamed him, and as we were ‘discussing’ this problem, my son and DIL started laughing and handed us a present to open together which turned out to be (drum roll please!) :

a NEW Sony Digital Handycam!

It records on those neat little discs that you can use in your DVD player without having to hook up all kinds of wires or just pop into your computer or portable DVD player! It totally rocks!!! Thank you thank you thank you to the DaniDuo!

Plus got Starbucks card (YUM!) and a gift card from my other two sons to my favorite scrapbooking store (Woo Hoo!) Among other things, I got a brand new complete kitchen knife set with a block holder from my hunny that I have always wanted! Those thing ain’t cheap!

I must have been a very good girl as Santa was so good to me this year!

Can’t blog long. Have to work on my president’s column (:evil:) so I won’t be derelict in my duty. Will work on my goals for 2006 later – one which will definitely be get my president’s column in earlier each month. Sorry Mik! :oops:


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4 Responses to “There goes another one…”

Dennie Says:

What about the scarf – you got a scarf too!!!!!! :eyes:

Sandy Says:

How funny. You just can’t make up moments like that even if you tried. A Christmas to remember for sure. Happy New Year Sandy. May you make all the goals you set for yourself and more.:typing:

Sandy Says:

Dennie: I love my scarf! And will keep it forever. You have to excuse me – I am a little fried from the holidays!

Sandy: Right back to ya! This year is going to be the best EVER!:banana:

Mik Says:

No worries on the column. You KNOW I’m flexible. ;) Sounds like you had a GREAT Christmas!!

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