For the third day, Old Man Winter has blown its icy breath on North Texas.

Slick roads, power outages, school closings (much to kids delight and parents dismay), bone numbing take your breath away cold, and record temperatures.

Yesterday I slipped and slid all the way to the mailbox, today almost got my car totaled. But, thank the good Lord, the green minivan that lost control on a patch of ice, missed me and hit a parked car. I was okay except for the falling on my butt in the ice when I got out to check on them. Once I saw they were all okay in the vehicle and I jump started my heart again, I came back home and called and cried like a girl to GW.

But the pity party for one soon passed and I got busy with writing (finished my chapter I was *this* close to completing), did some spreadsheets for record keeping, did a little face book time, made a few calls, and then started a new chapter.

Now the weatherman is predicting snow tonight!

Stay warm and BE CAREFUL out there!


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