Have you ever had that day where everything seemed to come together? The contest going well, friendships renewed, the family happy and content, the weather beautiful?

Worked all day on our Chapter Contest and we had enough entries to not have to cancel any categories, a good turnout on both the published and unpublished, and possibly enough judges to help. A great bunch of chapter members to work the contest and, so far, no snafus. We will hit it hot and heavy tomorrow and start getting those puppies ready to mail to the judges. Then we play the waiting game again until the judged entries start trickling in. Then that is a whole nuther story. Unless you have actually worked a contest, you have no clue what all goes into it.

Then it off to dinner with M & J. da bear at Shady Oaks Barbecue. Yum! Love their sauce. Decided to forgo dessert and, instead, stopped at Starbucks for my vanilla latte :heart:. One of the employees brought around samples of White Chocolate Mocha Latte and the pig in me took two samples. Can you say wired now and not wanting to go to bed? :bugeyes: Those puppies are loaded with expresso. Brenda and Michelle are not going to be happy with me not being able to stay awake tomorrow.

The weather is like my favorite October weather except we are desperately needing some rain. Why is it the Pacific Northwest is having so much rain and we are not getting any? Can’t figure that out AT ALL.

Off to read and try to get some sleep.

Life is good.


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