So, last night GW surprised me by taking me to the new Japanese Hibatchi House in town. It was the first time I’d ever experienced having a Japanese chef cook right in front of you and it rocked!

We sat at the U-shaped table between a family of four and a younger couple. A waitress took the food orders and brought out a soup that was clear with a few bean sprouts floating around and a salad of lettuce and cucumbers that had a special dressing on top. Both were very different and very tasty. I had a glass of White Zinfindel and GW tried some kind of Japanese beer. The wine was very cold which is just the way I like it and the soup hot, the salad cold and crisp.

The chef comes out and introduces himself and then starts the show. He was pretty funny and entertaining, but our table was kinda of dead and not interacting so we just watched and talked to each other.

Food was fabulous! Great flavor without leaving you so full you’re miserable. We had a $10.00 coupon off, but they don’t take it off the bill, they give it to you in a gift card. Very clever. Now we have to go back to spend the gift card.

But I don’t mind. At all. One of my favorite things is to eat with chopsticks. And drink good wine.

Not necessarily in that order.

Thanks, Babe! Had a great time last night!


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