I am not much on playing games. I just don’t have the time. Oh, sure, I love having people over to cook out, visit, listen to music and play trivia pursuit and various board or card games etc. And, on the occasion, like to play PS3 against GW and whip the snot out of him. NOT! It’s very rare I beat him at anything, but I still talk smack that I will. One day I may surprise both of us.

But there is a game called Words with Friends that I love to play! It’s an app most smart phones have available and it is an online Scrabble game that is totally addicting. You can play against friends, enemies, children, spouses, bosses, employees…you get the drift…and you can even create a game with someone that the powers that be that run the game will link you up with. Sort of like a faceless, meaningless, online opponent that can’t get mad if you win or lose.

So picture this. GW and I sitting side by side in our chair watching TV. He on the iPad, me on the iPhone. Playing against each other. Trying to hide the game screen so there is no cheating. So of course, we accuse the other of cheating (I don’t, but he has to be. He wins ALL the time!) The other night we played a whole two games before calling it a night and putting the play toys away.

Right now, I am playing against six opponents. Like I said, I am so addicted.


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