Song for the day

‘I’ll spread my wings and I’ll learn how to fly
I’ll do what it takes till I touch the sky

~sung by Kelly Clarkson~Breakaway~

© Sandy L Jones

Once upon a time…

in a not so far away land, a beautiful princess lived. She and her parents were good and kind and loved by all. The castle flourished and prospered making everyone in the kingdom happy.

Except for the princess.

She had but one dream. She wanted to fly. To soar like a bird in the sapphire sky that reached out and over her beloved land. To feel the warm sun on her face as she skimmed over the country flowers in the spring or the feel the bite of the cold winter wind as it rushed out with snow on its breath.

The King and Queen were horrified. My dear, they both exclaimed, we have given you everything you could possibly want or need. Everyone is happy here and you should be also. Besides, no one can really fly.

She loved her parents and didn’t want to upset them. Her heart heavy, the princess spent many days staring out her ivory tower and watching the cotton candy clouds drift by. She imagined touching them, their softness caressing her and tickling her nose. But she kept these thoughts to herself.

Years passed and one day a knight in shining armor came to visit and took her to his kingdom to live. On the way, he promised that he would give her anything she could ever want. Shyly, she told him of her heart’s desire. She wanted to fly.

The prince was sad. My dear, I can give you jewels and children and all my love. But I can’t make you fly, he replied. No one can really fly.

Over time, the princess became so busy that she didn’t have time to think about her wish. She loved her prince and was happy with her children, but each night, in her dreams, she would take wing and fly beyond the castle towers to the forest that surrounded the stronghold. With a smile, she loved to look down upon the treetops and smell the sweet air billowing up from their branches. But when the sun rose each morning, she told no one.

After all, they said, no one can really fly.

On her 86th birthday, she awoke and felt a difference in the castle. She rushed downstairs to find her family gathered together, their faces brimming with excitement yet only feigned innocence and secret smiles answered her questions. Her prince took her hand and together they made their way out the door and down the path to the sea that touched the coastline. Followed by their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren and, eventually, half the kingdom, they stopped at the shore where a boat was waiting.

With a gentle touch, her strongest grandson picked her up and set her in one of the cushioned seats and held her hand while they headed out to sea. A little way out, they stopped. A few adjustments later and her grandson secured behind her, their feet left the safety of the boat. Together, they rose, higher and higher, until the air vibrated with the wind rushing past.

She was flying!

Joy filled her heart as they rose to a greater height. Below, she could see her family, small specks on the ground waving gaily to her. White ripples in the turquoise water glistened in the sun as they passed up and down close to the beach. A clear view of the snow-capped cliffs in the distance showcased their magnificence and her breath caught in her throat. The horizon stretched forever and she marveled at how the world could be so small and yet so big.

All too soon, their feet touched the boat again and the trip ended. But for the princess, she lived happily ever after because she finally got to fly.

This fairy tale is a true one. Even though it took modern technology of parasailing with her grandson to fulfill it, she realized her dream.

I heard the story of this woman the same day someone told me I would never see publication. But I believe that if, like the princess, I hold the dream close to my heart, with perseverance and hard work I, too, will someday fly.

And more importantly…so will you!


© Sandy L Jones

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3 Responses to “Holding on to Your Dream”

Dennie Says:

aw…… love that! :grin:

Mik Says:

Beautiful. :thumbsup:

Cece Says:

awwwwwwwwww that was great babe! thanks for sharing!

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