‘The greatest mistake you can make in life is continually to be fearing you will make one’
~Elbert Hubbard

Just home from Southeast Texas area celebrating my grandtwins’ third birthday and I must repeat again and again, that grandchildren are so much more fun to have, that I should have had them first! They love you so unconditionally and sweetly that it proves there is such a thing as ‘pure love’.

Saw for my own eyes that Southeast Texas is still not fully recuperated from Hurricane Rita. Although most everything commercial is up and running finally, there’s still so much work left to do on the private front. Everyone I spoke to says that they are not able to get workers out to their homes for still several months yet as the waiting list is so long. Everywhere you go, blue-tarp covered roofs dot the area. Gigantic trees still lie twisted and broken and uprooted in some of the rural areas. I saw several outbuildings in back yards with huge trees lying on top of them like toothpicks which, of course, totally destroyed the structure. Many store and restaurant signs still have the glass missing out of them, just the posts standing. Makes it hard to find a particular place you are looking for with the signs all gone.

Nature can be a mean beast for sure!

On the happy front, got to see relatives I haven’t seen in a long time. Sometimes that is good, sometimes…maybe not :eyes:


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4 Responses to “Home again, home again!”

Rene Says:

The only reason I had kids was for the grandkids. Glad you got to see them.
Contractors are tough to get in the best of circumstances. While we don’t have any natural disaster problems right now, our construction industry is going crazy and they have scooped up all the contractors around here. It took 18 mos. to get a cement contractor to pour a couple of patios.

Dennie Says:

glad you had a good time with los bambinos :grin:

Mik Says:

Welcome home! Glad you had fun with the babies. They are so sweet. :)

Sandy Says:

Rene: Wow! 18 mos! I would be so frustrated!

Dennie and Mik: They are so much fun! They are coming to spend a week with me in April while their mom and dad go out of town. Maybe we can get all the kids together and go have a picnic at the park.

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