“If you continue to write and rewrite, to submit and resubmit, you will publish and republish.”

~Paul R. Martin

We’ve covered several ways to get started or back to your writing.

But none of what we discussed will ever take the place of actual writing.

Putting the words on the paper is the only way to get your book written.

I repeat, the ONLY way.

Thinking about, talking about it, wishing, hoping, and dreaming will NEVER get you published.

So let’s take the plunge and start putting words down.

Write what you’d like to accomplish TODAY. Then this WEEK. If you’re brave enough, what about this MONTH.

Journal your progress.

Jot down character, plot, story ideas.

Challenge yourself to write an opening sentence. Set a goal to complete the first paragraph, then the first page and then the first chapter

Pull out something you’ve written before life and Trolls got in the way and re-read it. Soon, you will correct a word here, a phrase there, and before you know it, your head is back in the story and you’re doing some revising on it which leads to writing new words and brings you closer to finishing it.

The important thing is to START.

And by keeping your head in the game and focused on your objective, you’ll soon be off the bench and on the playing field.


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