Finally got my taxes ready to send to the accountant. I don’t know WHY I wait so long to get started. It doesn’t take long, just some uninterrupted time, which is normally next to impossible to get, but once I do, it is a breeze. I swear…hear me now…I swear to get it more organized this year so next year will be just a few computer clicks away. Feel free to check up on me about that! (Note: see addendum below: just thought I was through!)

The contest is coming along nicely. A few stressful moments, but I am working with such a great group of women on it, and that makes all the difference in the world. Worked all night on judging and scores and feel pretty good about being close to wrapping it up. I have read some exceptionally good entries this time. Getting together with some of the coordinators this weekend to see how far we can go before having to decide on finalists this next week.

We are finally getting some rain. Heard a few claps of thunder, which I love. Especially at night when I am warm and cozy at home. :thumbsup:

Tomorrow is Starbucks day! :coffee: DH and I haven’t had our Starbucks Saturday date in forever! If he is a REALLY good boy, I’ll even use my gift card and buy this time :cool:

But only if he is really, really good. :cowboy:

Addendum (Saturday pm): Found more receipts and stuff from guess who? DH, of course! Back to the taxes!!! After I murder him, of course. Or, at least, make him suffer a little. No Starbucks for him!:whip:


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4 Responses to “friday at last!”

Dennie Says:

:coffee: lol!!

Happy saturday… got another sick kiddo – one at the beginning of Spring Break and one at the end – SHEESH! germs!

Dennie Says:

Ruh-ro Raggy! :bugeyes:

Sandy Says:

Ruh-ro is RIGHT! But forgave him, finished up late last night, got bills paid and statement balanced and office cleaned and then two chapters read of one of my new favorite authors! Let’s see. Wonder who that could be? :mrgreen:

Oh, yeah!! You!!

Dennie Says:

Are your eyes brown? You’re so full of …. :sealed: LOL kidding kidding. Hope you like it and it’s not too disconcerting…. :book2:

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