When a friend of mine emailed this to me, I couldn’t help but roll on the floor laughing. I don’t know how she knew this morning had been so tough, but appreciated the gesture. Could’ve used some happy dust today. Everything that could go wrong, was pretty well going wrong at the office I was working today.

Lost really rocked tonight! :thumbsup: The writers are redeeming themselves in my book. Can’t wait for next week. I am now so worried about Sayed, Ana Lucia, and Sean because I just know it is a trap. Can’t they figure this out on their own? Will have to remember to listen to KSCS 96.3 tomorrow because they do a recap and discuss all those subtle signs I always miss.

But where the heck is Invasion???

I was very, very good at lunch today. What little lunch time I got, I spent out in my car working on my alphasmart. :typing: and ignoring the call of the ice cream store right next door. Have had such a craving for cinnamon ice cream.

Last night, my youngest son went to the Mavericks game. He kept text messaging his dad to look for him on television. Yeah, right! Watch the game, son, and get your money’s worth that you spent on tickets. And hot dogs. And drinks. And it better have been soft drinks. Your mother may have been watching.


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9 Responses to “thanks, kim!”

Dennie Says:

I stole that pic = gonna put it on mine too okay – LOL!

Tell son – I saw him and shame shame shame – :bugeyes: :bugeyes: :bugeyes:

(kidding, didn’t even watch the game)

Tori Lennox Says:

Loved last night’s Lost. And, yeah, I agree that Sayid, Ana Lucia, and Charlie are walking into a trap. Then again, Sayid doesn’t trust the guy, so he may be on the lookout for just that.

Invasion will supposedly be back in April. I hope so!

Cece Says:

It’s so obvious that the captive is one of the others that he HAS to be! :banana:
I’m still mad at JJ and company though. they have a long way to go to redeam themselves in my eyes.

I missed the last couple of episodes of Invasion!

Sandy Says:

Dennie: Looks good on your blog too! Just found out how much dumb son spent on those Maverick tickets!!! :bugeyes:

Tori: Hope Invasion makes it back on. But a litter???? Ewwww!

Cece: Absolutely HAS to be an Other. Too crafty and not scared enough.

Eve Says:

Hey Sandy – out blog hopping to avoid writing and thought I would drop by. I love that cartoon – pretty much sums up my last couple of weeks.

I had to go back and look at the date for this blog when you said you sat in your car at lunchtime. I was going to say “she wanted ice cream”? But then again, yesterday wasn’t that warm either.

Sandy Says:

Eve: I know, crazy to want ice cream while it is cool outside! I hear ya about avoiding the writing! And I was supposed to have 10 new pages done by today! But it is not midnight yet :twisted:

Dennie Says:

writing – what’s that?!?!?! :typing:

Kim Johnston Says:

:rotfl:Now that’s funny….thought you would like this one….seems so real to me! wonder why….could be this is what I have become….your friend, the Happiness Fairy:wave:

Sandy Says:

Kim: Yep, you bring me happiness. Remember all the good times working together? Had a ball!

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