‘Our mental attitude is the X factor that determines our fate.’
~Dale Carnegie

Thursday, while bemoaning the fact that my work schedule has lightened up to the point of being just a tad worrisome, I received a phone call from a school that, earlier in the year, I had signed up to substitute teach.

Why did I do that? I have no clue. When starting college, it had been a toss up between nursing and teaching. Nursing won. But I have always wondered what teaching was like. And when someone told me this particular school was needing help occasionally, I thought it was a good idea. Every so often, working in the nursing pool means there are slow periods with not much work available. But having not heard anything from them all year, I forgot all about it.

My first thought was ‘Hey, cool’. After all, I raised four sons, have twin grandsons, work as a pediatric nurse. How hard can it be?

I call my husband and give him the good news.

The first thing out of his mouth was “Will you get paid?”

Slapping my forehead quietly, “Uh, I didn’t ask.” Forgot that little detail. “What difference does it make? They need me.” I tried to sound as indignant as I could. Teachers are very important to young minds, ya know.

“What grade will you be teaching?” The school is small and goes from pre-K to high school.

“Uh, I didn’t ask.” I could visualize him shaking his head and tried to think back. “Oh, yeah, I think she said high school. A high school computer class.”

For a moment there was nothing but silence. Then I could hear him sigh loud and long. “They’re going to eat you alive.”

Yeah, right. They’re just kids.

I called Dennie on the way home. I think she is still laughing.

But, still excited, I cornered one of my sons when I got home. “Hey guess what I am doing Monday? Substitute teaching!”

“Kindergarten, right?” He asked, a look of disbelief that resembles one I see often on his father’s face.

“Noooo, high school. I think.”

“Mom, are you nuts? They’re going to eat you alive!”

What’s with this? I can handle it. I’ll just go in and stand in front of all those kids…uh oh, didn’t think of that…and make sure they do… as they are supposed to do.

Um, whatever it is…

And, uh, When they’re suppose to…

Like how they’re suppose to…

Where they’re supposed to… or…

Or else!

Or else what?

OMGosh, they are going to eat me alive.


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11 Responses to “they’re gonna eat you alive…”

Tori Lennox Says:

Oh, man, you couldn’t pay me enough to teach high school. Or any other grade, for that matter. You’re very brave. :mrgreen:

Dennie Says:

hey, hey, hey – I said it too! Memememem! :wave:

You’ll do great – but well… you know what I am going to say…. :typing:

Sandy Says:

Tori: Brave…or….stoopid??? But I think of it as this way: One more thing to cross off my to-do-list in life. If I survive that is. :shock:

Dennie: That’s right. You told me that also!!!! I just keep getting this mental picture of me standing in front of the class and not knowing what to say or do. And they can probably smell fear a mile away.

Michelle Says:

Now, now. You’ll do fine. Just keep them busy, remind them to stay on task, and write down names of any whippersnappers. :whip: And yes, you’ll get paid. :yes:

Have fun! :banana:

Sandy S Says:

I think you’ll do fine. Show no fear. How long is this for? Once class or off and on?

Mary D Says:

Are you insane?

Sandy Says:

Michelle: Thanks! I will remember to bring my whip :thumbsup:

Sandy S: Just to fill in tomorrow. As far as I know :???: Depending on what happens, it may be my last.

Mary D: Probably :eyes:

Rene Says:

Ummmmm…they’re going to eat you alive.

Sandy Says:

Rene: :rotfl:

Eve Says:

So as I’m writing this I’m wondering “Will she even get to read this in the psych ward?”

Cece Says:

All that free time…you should be writing :yes:

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