‘Doubt is a thief that often makes us fear to tread where we might have won.’

…you’re barely hanging on?

But the important thing is to have the faith never to let go!

Have no clue why I am waxing philosophical this morning! :dunno:


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7 Responses to “ever feel like…”

Eve Says:

Yep, constantly. Why do you think I keep nekkid muses around?

Sandy Says:

Hmmm…nekkid… so that’s my problem!

Dennie Says:

nekkid is good… depending on who it is… :grin:

priorities are a problem too – you (in the genreal sense not SJ specific :wink: ) tend to make things, like writing, the lowest because it’s for you and you alone and doesn’t necessarily benifit the family so it feels like a indulgence/luxury

now look who’s waxing and it t’ain’t my legs… :page: (like this guy – LOL)

Rene Says:

E very freakin’ day of my life. Nobody told me it was going to be this difficult. Ah well, I remind myself it could always be worse. Last time I said that, I found out I was pregnant the next week :loser: Anyway, that isn’t an issue anymore.

Sandy Says:

Dennie: You may not be talking about me specifically, but like they say, ‘if the shoe fits’…

Rene: :rotfl: I just keep reminding me of that part of Faith Hill’s first hit called ‘Wild One’ where it says ‘they tell her life is hard, she says that’s alright..’ I guess that is a good attitude to have.

Cece Says:

We could all stand to learn to be a little more selfish! :angel:

Bernard Elwood Says:

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