‘A true friend is someone who knows you are good egg even if you’re a little cracked.’

Seems like forever since I have had the time to blog. I try to make sure I blog at least once or twice a week, and would love to do it every day, but sometimes can’t. Even behind on reading them! It is so addicting!

Saturday had our monthly chapter meeting and let me tell you…Cece came, we saw, and she conquered! She totally had everyone eating out of her hand! I believe she changed several of our die hard members minds about e-pub, promoting, and marketing. I know it opened a whole new world for me.

Afterwards, Cece, Dennie and I went and researched Deep Ellum. The annual street Arts Festival was on and it was a blast! We walked and talked and researched and ate. Yes, you CAN have fun and research also!

Contest update: Them puppies are in the mail back to the entrants! If it seemed it was a little late it’s because our contest offers a matrix to let the entrant know exactly where they stood in the final scoring. And that takes time, folks! I took them to the Post Office to get them mailed as soon as Brenda and I packed up the last of them. Does the words TAX TIME and EASTER mean anything to you???? Well, after spending an hour and fifteen minutes there and with the line out both doors, I should have turned around and left, but nooo…. Can you say dumb Sandy?

Now that we have wrapped that up, I am excited about my writing! I will be hitting it hot, hard and heavy. Just watch me! I have some great friends that are making me accountable to them and I feel very comfortable asking for their help. Don’t know why I worry about that!

News, news, and more news: Mik’s serial from Inara Press is now available for purchase. I received my first season today and can’t wait to start reading it.

Lost was good tonight. It’s weird, but I am starting to see TV and books in a different light. I now look at conflicts, motivations, characterizations, and plot. Day-um! Ruins a good movie every time!


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7 Responses to “i’m baaaaacckk….”

Nienke Says:

Good luck with the writing, Sandy and have a great Easter weekend!

Dennie Says:

love :heart: the quote … had so much fun Saturday (and Sunday)

Eve Says:

Sounds like you had fun. Good luck on the writing.

Devon Ellington Says:

Welcome to the world of those of us in the biz — you’ll never look at any piece of entertainment the same way. It’s interesting, but sometimes I kind of miss just watching something.

Cece Says:

Sandy………how much have you written? :whip:

I watch TV and movies different too. Even though I find myself sort of examining them–one of my faves is Prison Break for shear volume of suspense!–it doesn’t ruin them for me.

Mary D Says:

Get writing, girlie! No more excuses!!!!

Sandy Says:

Nienke: Thanks, I am really excited! Getting a few things caught up today and feel so good about it

Dennie: :rotfl: It’s true!

Eve: Thinking about you! Hang in there!

Devon: I so agree. And when you do find that show or book and able to get lost in it, you know the writer(s) have done their job!

Cece and Mary: I will! I promise!

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