‘One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.’
~William Feather

Most of you know we have four sons. Although our second son is not mine by birth, he was born in my heart, having helped raise him since he was only three years old. He is also our rebellious one. Good looking, kind, but lives life on the edge.

As we worried about him in his early twenties, I was reminded by an older friend who has experienced the same with one of hers, that sometimes you have to let them go and hope they find their own way. And when they do return, it will be of their own accord and will be all the sweeter.

Two nights ago, I received a phone call and was ecstatic to learn the deep voice on the other end of the phone was him.

Our prodigal son had returned.

He asked about all his brothers and the rest of the family sounding as if he really cared and not just making conversation. We caught up on all the news and it turned out he had news for us.

He was married. And had been for nine months.

This child who has sworn for years he would never get married has now given me another daughter-in-law.

Instead of being upset for not letting us know earlier, we respect his need for privacy and for his decision on how to manage his life. He is working. He is healthy. He is happy.

And we love him just the way he is and look forward to meeting our newest member of our family.

Now maybe one day I’ll get those grandchildren he says he will never have. :thumbsup:


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22 Responses to “the prodigal son”

Dennie Says:



Devon Ellington Says:

Congrats on your expanding family!

Eve Says:

Oh Sandy – how wonderful! I’m so happy for you.

Susie Says:

Just visiting from Eve’s blog. It was the little pic next to your name that drew my attention and just had to come see who this person is. You sound like a great mom, it takes great patience and wisdom to allow a child the freedom to find their own way. Your boys are luck men. God bless you and your family.

Rene Says:

What a wonderful moment for you, I’m so glad to hear it.

Sandy Says:

Thanks, everybody! It was such a surprise!

Welcome, Susie! Thanks for stopping by!

Eve Says:

And how come Ms. Susie that you’re blogging here and you didn’t blog on mine? Have the rolling blackouts gotten to you? Did you forget who keeps you supplied in books?

This heat makes me cranky!!!:evil:

Sandy – I was just reading your bio – I read Trixie Beldon too. Not too many people know who she was (and I read Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys).

Sandy Says:

Eve: My mother worked at a toy store that carried books and for my seventh birthday I received the whole set of Nancy Drew books and for my eight birthday it was the Trixie Belden books (bob white, bob white, remember that?) and somewhere in there was the Hardy Boys. I had a crush on Frank. :mrgreen:

Eve Says:

My favorite was the Secret of Happy Valley (I think that’s what is was, I remember because it reminded me of Ranch dressing – but it might have been mystery of …, or it could have been Happy Valley) anyway, its the one where Trixie and Jim started going steady. All together now … Awwwwwwwww.

I didn’t have a favorite Hardy Boy until the series came out – then it was Shaun Cassidy all the way. I felt a little weird since I had just finished my crush on David Cassidy.

Dennie Says:

what in the world are you two talking about? :dunno:

kidding kidding

Sandy Says:

Come to think of it, Dennie, I wonder if the Trixie Belden books are still out there. I see Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys…Hmmm…seems another trip to the bookstore is in the future! :banana:

G Says:

What a relief to have him back in your life again!

I’m here from Michele’s. :wave:

Cece Says:

Awwwwwww Sandy that’s FABULOUS!!!!!!!! :banana:

Trixie Belden fan weighing in :wave:

Eve Says:

Yes, Trixie Beldon has been re-issued. At least last year they were. I’ll keep my eyes out for some.

Hey Cece – Trixie Beldon rules! I loved her more than mamby-pamby Nancy Drew.

Susie Says:

Ah-oh, I’m been caught messin’ around on my main blog…:rotfl:

Sandy Says:

Hi, G! Welcome! Happy Birthday! :party:

Cece & Eve: Trixie Belden did rock! I remembered I so wanted to be a part of the bob whites sooo bad!

Eve: Let me know if you find some.

Susie: I won’t tell :sealed:

Eve Says:


If the above link doesn’t work (after pasting of course) – just search on Borders – they’re there.

Eve Says:

Oh look – it came up as a link! Cool!

In case I didn’t say – that’s the Trixie Beldon books.

Tori Lennox Says:

I love a happy ending. :)

Mik Says:

Aw – cool. Congrats on the expansion of your little family. ;)

Daniel Dillon Says:

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