This past week I’ve had the pleasure of babysitting my twin grandsons while their parents traveled. All in all, I’ve been astounded at all good these three year olds have been.

If you tell them not to do something, they don’t do it.

If you tell them to do something, they do it.

In the restaurant yesterday, they sat in their chairs and never once asked, cried, whined, or screamed to get down or go home once they were finished.

I accused my son of having stepford children.

But I have learned that sometimes what they say is a totally different from what they mean.

If they say they have to go potty…really means either: they already did or if you don’t get them there in 2.0694 seconds, don’t bother. It’s too late. There is no ‘wait a minute’ in potty training.

If they are quiet and you asked from the next room what they are doing and they reply ‘reading a book’, it really means they are rearranging the two bottom bookshelves in your office – all with the spines facing inwards.

If they ask to take a nap, it really means they want to use your bed as a trampoline.

If they say they tee-tee’d outside, it doesn’t necessarily mean in the fenced back yard. I am sure that was quite a show with the neighbors.

If they say they are playing hide and seek with the dog, means that Misty is hiding somewhere not REALLY wanting to be found.

They have been such a joy to have this week. Although, I am now far behind in my writing, my house is a total wreck, haven’t vacuumed since they got here (the Rosebuds will NEVER believe that), and I am exhausted, I’m so glad to have them with us.

Now, I need coffee. More coffee. :coffee:

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8 Responses to “what they really mean…”

Dennie Says:

oh hellloooo I am right there w/ you this morning … :coffee:

Eve Says:

Yes, but what memories they’ll have of grandma. :loveeyes: :thumbsup:

aisee Says:

:angel: They sound like angels :)
Michele sent me :)

Mik Says:

AW! They sound so cute. Sounds like you had a great time with them :)

Sandy Says:

We did have a great time, but decided I am too old for this more than every once in awhile.

Hi, Aisee!

Paige Says:

I love the grand kids to come over, I love them to go home.
Hi here by way of Michele’s.

Sandy Says:

Hi, Page! Know exactly what you mean :angel:

KaraMia Says:

Got to love it, I can remember when my son was about five, we lived on the second floor of an apartment. I was in the bathroom and realized he had gone out on the balcony and it was really quiet. I head to the balcony to find Kendell just inside the door looking guilty. Since there were no dead bodies around I head outside to take a gander. Outside I find the across the courtyard neighbor on the floor of her balcony laughing so hard she was crying. Come to find out I wasn’t the only one in need of a bathroom break. We now call kendell “nature boy”

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