‘If your ship doesn’t come in…swim out to it!’
~Jonathan Winters

A little late today for my blog, but had to get last hugs and kisses from Brady and Colby. And then spent the afternoon cleaning, doing laundry, and spending $65.00 to fed ex a forgotten suitcase to them.

All week, have had all these cool scenes dance in my head, but now…nada…zip! WHEN am I going to learn to stop what I am doing and WRITE THE DAMN THINGS DOWN! I was really in the zone while cleaning today and couldn’t wait to get to the computer.

I could just kick myself.

Tagged by Rene to come up with six weird things about myself. Here goes:

1. I hate writing with pens that don’t have caps. And if that cap gets lost…in the trash the pen goes.
2. I clean every day. But this is nothing new that the Rosebuds don’t know already.
3. I love socks. Wear them almost every day, even though I spend hard earned money on pedicures every month.
4. I love words. Fascinated by them. The sound of them, the looks of them, the way they fit in a conversation. But I can never find the right word I need when I am talking. Very frustrating.
5. As shy as I am, I won the lead in the very first play I auditioned for. At the age of 35. And went on to be in two more after that.
6. Love to travel. Love to plan to travel. Love to think about travel. But like being home in my own bed and bathroom at night.

Are these weird enough? I hereby now officially tag:

Michelle, Dennie, Mary D, Daisy, and Cece!

Double dog dare you guys!


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20 Responses to “six weird things about me…”

Dennie Says:

will do it tomorrow k – voting on AI :wink: and have headache :coffee:

Cece Says:

OK OK Tomorrow I swear!

Eve Says:

I tagged Cece too! I did it because I just wanted to see what her answers would be. Guess I’ll go back and change it.

I didn’t see anything weird at all – well maybe the pen thing.

Dennie Says:

that pen this IS weird! way weird – Sandy… :eyes:

Daisy Dexter Dobbs Says:

Hi Sandy! I had to laugh when I saw that you tagged me for this post because, God knows, it should be a snap for me! LOL The only problem I’ll have is keeping it to just six things. :-0 I might have to squeeze in a few more because my life is definitely weirdsville!

I’ll get my answers posted immediately…


That’s a joke, of course, because I’m lucky if I manage to get one new post up each week! Seriously, I’ll do this at my next blog update with a link back to you. Thanks…I think. ;-)

Tori Lennox Says:

Maybe it just shows how weird I am because those don’t seem all that weird to me. :rotfl:

Cece Says:

>>1. I hate writing with pens that don’t have caps. And if that cap gets lost…in the trash the pen goes.

I thought I was the only one who did this!!!!!! :heart:

Sandy Says:

Dennie: sorry about your headache! Maybe what you need is a C.C. fix :cowboy:

Cece: I literally hate a pen when the cap is missing. Won’t keep it, nuh, uh, no way.

Eve: Maybe this means Cece has to do TWELVE! :twisted: Just kidding, just kidding. Not one as to do it at all.

Daisy: Yours will be guaranteed hilarious.

Dennie Says:

I have no qualms of capless pens – send them my way – the boys keep losing mine anyway.. :eyes:

we can make a home for wayward capless pens – poor litle pens tossed to the curb because they are less than perfect – how would we like that if we got tossed for our imperfections… the injustice of it all… :shock:

okay – If Mini-me wakes me up again a 5 am – forth time this week – which why I am waxing pen philospohy … :coffee:

Eve Says:

Dennie’s Home for Orphan Pens :rotfl:

Daisy Dexter Dobbs Says:

Okay–I’ve got mine posted, Sandy! :shock:

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Sandy Says:

Dennie: Can you be a fosterpen for a few wayward pens I have here. They are clean and well behaved, just missing their caps.

Eve: An home for orphan pens! Only Dennie!

Daisy & Cece:: Can’t wait to see them! Will be good I know!

daughter in law Says:

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog yesterday.

What about retractable pens?

Sandy Says:

Thanks for stopping by, daughter in law! Retractable pens?!! (Sandy gasping for air and clutching her chest) I keep special ones as souvenirs but don’t use them to write with. Weird, I am.

Dennie Says:

WAIT! :bugeyes: My pens – the ones I gave you – you haven’t… lost the caps… and tossed them … have you :shock: Not my pretty book cover pen – booohooohooo

Cece Says:

NOt much of one for retractable pens either!!!!!! :yuck:

No dennie I still have the lid to yours :wave:

Sandy Says:

Dennie: Nope, never! They come under the heading of souvenir! Will be worth a lot on ebay one day!! Just kidding. When they do, I would never part with them.

Mik Says:

I just responded to this in today’s entry! :)

Christian Arms Says:

Your site is on top of my favourites – Great work I like it.

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