‘If you can’t get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you’d best teach it how to dance.’
~George Bernard Shaw

Friday night had the whole house to myself. Again. I love it when I can do that. I get so much done and have my music blaring with no one to complain or can actually have complete control of the remote. :mrgreen: Worked on an outline/synopsis for my Shadow Warrior series and got a few paragraphs done before dh called and said there were bad storms headed my way with possiblities of tornados. I love storms, but not tornados. But we ended up with only a little rain. No thunder, no lightening, no storm.

Saturday got the prez’s column done and my prez’s stuff organized that when I am not looking little gremlins into my stuff and have a heyday.

Saturday was fun! It was M. ‘da Bear’s’ birthday and we went to Sundance Square. Pretty cool place. The weather was great and we sat outside at the restaurant/club called 8.0 and had spinach and chicken quesadillas. Yum! Need to try those again.

Then we had dinner at the Reata Restaurant. If you have never eaten there, it is a real treat. The decor seems to be based on the 1950′s movie ‘Giant’ and even has a life sized figure of James Dean. Giant was the movie he was starring in when he died and they had to finish filming it without him. Not that I am a big James Dean fan but dh is. I had the salmon with fruit salsa and it was great! DH had a chicken fried steak that was so big he couldn’t finish it. So we took it home and gave it to one of my sons and it filled him up. BIG chicken fried steak.

Today, I cleaned out my closet! It has needed to be done for months and it feels good to look in there and see it all organized and neat. But dh’s side is still a mess. He kept hollering from downstairs, “Don’t touch my stuff!” I have four bags of clothes to give to charity. And dh kept saying he wanted to go through them to make sure I wasn’t giving away anything he likes.

Helloooo! It’s MY clothes! He is such a pack rat. Not me. If it is in my way, I either throw it away or give it away.

Have to work tomorrow. :yuck: But the awards luncheon is this next weekend and looking forward to it.

Hope you had a good weekend!

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Dennie! :party:


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9 Responses to “the weekend…”

Lisa Says:

Ahh… there’s nothing like a newly organized closet ! I just might have to add that to my list for next weekend… lol… Here from Michele’s!

Eve Says:

Sounds like a great weekend. Where is this restaurant? Are the chicken fried steaks those big breaded ones, or the ones with so little batter you might as well have not bothered?

Grins Says:

If he tries to sneak anything out of the bags you’re donating inform him that he’ll have to wear whatever it is. 10:1 odds he puts it back in the bags. Here from Michele by the way.

Nienke Says:

I always find energy begets energy. So, the more I do, the more I get done. Hope you’re having a great week!

Voodoo Says:

I’ve gotten SO DRUNK at the 8.0!!!!!!! I totally forgot about that place. I :heart: it. I do.

Sandy Says:

Lisa: Now working on doing the garage! But may need to send my dh out of town first.:mrgreen:

Eve: The Reata is downtown Fort Worth. And Sundance Square is a cool place to viist. That is an area in downtown FW that has brick streets and lots of restaurants and clubs and movie theaters and a HUGE HUGE 3 story Barnes & Nobles that I have YET to go in to. They wouldn’t let me, :evil:

Grins: :rotfl: What a great idea! I just may have to try that!

Nienke: I found that to be true also!

Voodoo: I can see how that would be possible! It was neat sitting out on the huge patio garden and drin…I mean eating, :mrgreen: The weather was nice, got a little chilly and had to laugh at all the young girls that wore those tank tops. There was also a bachelorette party going on behind us and it must have been a lingerie one. The things she pulled out of her gift boxes had me and the ‘J’ drooling with envy and our husbands drooling… well, with why guys drool.

Eve Says:

Sandy, Sandy – I changed my avatar for you :wave:

And I could get that book to you a lot faster with an address. :dunno:

Dennie Says:


Sandy Says:

Eve: I think I have a black dress just like that one!

Poor Dennie! Men are pigs sometimes! I know! Next year, us girls will all get together and celebrate!

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