‘Until you know that life is interesting…and find it so…you haven’t found your soul.’
~Geoffrey Fisher

Mother’s Day was emotionally strange this weekend.

Ever have those days when nothing went exactly like you thought it should, yet happened exactly the way it should have?

Friday, my DH announced that this weekend was MY weekend. I could do anything I wanted. Go anywhere I wanted. Buy anything I wanted. Do anything I wanted.

Visions of quiet time at my computer, maybe take in a movie, visit Starbucks, shop for a new outfit danced in my head. I had just paid my youngest son’s last tuition as he will be graduating this summer. I was excited about no more tuition payments, but yet feeling a little strange about the thought of him soon to be completely out of school and on his own. I have joked that the only way we would ever have an empty nest was for us to ‘move the nest’. But as I wrote out that last connection to our littlest bird, I was sad.

Saturday, DH mentioned he had been checking out new vehicles on the internet with some of the local auto dealerships. He drove a pickup and his new position now requires him to travel all over the area and the gas was getting outrageous.

I usually feel having a root canal is better than car shopping, but since he was just ‘checking things out right now’, I agreed to accompany him to take a look at what he had found. Then we would go eat and figure out what to do with the rest of the evening.

Five and half hours later, we left in a new 2006 vehicle, lowered our notes substantially, decreased our insurance, and what we save on gas will enable us to buy an island in the Pacific. I told DH that was the first time we saved so much money buying a new car and have a good time doing it.

He had a hard time actually letting go of the keys to his all time favorite truck, but once we pried them out of his hands, he hasn’t looked back. It has Onstar, Satellite Radio, and a remote to start the car up. Pretty cool! Was worth the root canal…um I mean car shopping. And the time he and I spent laughing and talking, in that place full of flashy cars and funny salesman, will be forever be ingrained in my heart as one of the most unique and special Mother’s Day weekend I’ve had.

When we got back home, it was 10:00pm and we discovered that, as we suspected, our third son had signed up and been sworn in to the Marines. He will be leaving in January. I can’t help but feel happy and proud for him, but sad for me. The next morning, Mother’s Day, I found the sweetest letter from him saying how much he loves me and how he can’t afford to buy me anything, but what he can give me is the ‘love from a son that is now and will forever be everlasting’. You probably have an idea of how hard I cried.

All day, I thought about how much I missed my mom and my grandmother.

Sunday night, we went to the restaurant my soon-to-be-graduating-from-college son works and he surprised us by paying the tab for us! And waited on me while doing it. Wow!

Father-of-the-twins-son called and we talked and he, too, told me how much he loved me and was glad I was his mom. He also mentioned, casually I might add, that now that he has kids, he understands so much more now. :twisted:

Now, I not only have no more tuition payments, saved money on a vehicle, insurance, and gas, I know I am loved by my boys.

If I could only get my external drive to work with my computer. I took it to Best Buy yesterday to see if they could get it installed, but there is something in the Operating System that is not letting it work. Same problem with my scanner.

Guess I need a new computer :thumbsup:

Have a Happy Monday!


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9 Responses to “soft, strange, and bittersweet…”

Dennie Says:

I was touched and a little teary then the end… you made me snort – love you bunches hun!

Eve Says:

Must be the time for crying – what great “gifts” you received.

Rene Says:

Sandy, is there something wrong with your blog? The type is too small for me to read.

Tori Lennox Says:

Congrats on the new car! What did you end up getting? (You left out that little detail. :wink: )

And to your third son, thank him for his willingness to serve his country. :) Semper Fi!

Rene Says:

I don’t know why I’m having problems seeing your blog. Anyway, I copied your post into Word and read it there. Does sound like it was an emotional weekend.

Sandy Says:

Eve: You are so right. Have shed a few tears this weekend.

Rene: I don’t know what is wrong! Is anyone else having the same problem? Bueller? Bueller? (LOL! I have always wanted a chance to say that!)

It looks okay on my end. Will have to run upstairs and try it on my son’s computer.

Tori: He bought a 2006 Chevrolet Impala and I must confess, it looks very elegant along with having all those cool toys. And I will definitely pass that message along to my son. It just might be another verification that he is doing the right thing.

Eve Says:

No problem here – it looks okay.

Yes, I was blessed the day my brother married Bebo, she’s been the sister that my own sister never was.

Sandy S Says:

Oh Sandy I just cried reading this. Glad you had such a wonderful weekend!

G Says:

What a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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