‘Nothing splendid has been achieved except by those who dared to believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance.’
~Bruce Barton

…the offices I have to cover that are the furtherest away are the ones that start the earliest! Over an hour there and over an hour back means I have to leave at the unmerciful hour of 6:45 am.

One of those questions that will probably never be explained or understood.

Sat in front of my computer for the last two nights staring at my WIP with nothing but a sentence or two written. I think both my muses are at the Cannes Film Festival this week. They’re certainly not here with me.

Speaking of films, I can’t wait for the DaVince Code. I read the book. And I read the interviews where Dan Brown says, “It’s just a story!” That’s what I believe. It’s just a story, but it entertained me and I enjoyed it so I want to see the movie. Do I believe it? No. But I like to be entertained. My soon-to-be-a-marine son got to preview it last night, but haven’t seen him yet to ask what he thought about it.

Back to the not writing. What do you do when the words will not come? Would love to hear any ideas you have. Got my guys to a certain place and pfftt! Can’t them out of the bar. The thought crossed my mind that maybe they didn’t want to leave the bar just yet, but by grabs, I am the story goddess and they need to listen to me!

While you’re thinking of ideas to help me get these big and bad Scottish Warriors away from the bar, check out Mik’s new cover. It really is awesome! Will be available July 12 at Samhain Publishing. Love the little ‘horns’ on the phone.


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13 Responses to “why is it…”

Dennie Says:

have fun at the movie… I will probably see it whenit comes on HBO…

Sandy Says:

Dennie: I probably won’t see it this weekend because I won’t have time. Since my son works there, I get in free so won’t be contributing to the ‘money’ it brings in. I know that sounds like a paradox but it’s the way I feel. Hard to explain here in the blog, but really have my reasons.

It’s just a story. And the movie probably does not do the book justice. I don’t see how it can.

Whatcha’ got going on this weekend?

Dennie Says:

some reviewers are panning it… I wish i could read the book first but I barely have time to write muchless read…

OH AND I forgot to add… love the cover Mik!!!

Tori Lennox Says:

I’ll probably see it when it hits Pay-Per-View, but I do want to see it. Even though most of the critics have slammed it. But I rarely listen to them anyway. :) Loved the book. Like you, I don’t believe what it says, but it’s a fun book nonetheless.

Mik Says:

Thanks for the pluggage :)

Eve Says:

I don’ believe that Peter Pan can fly either – that’s why its called fiction.

Sandy – try skipping the scene. I know some people say not to do that, but I did and once a got a few scenes ahead of the trouble spot I was able to go back and “fill in” what I couldn’t figure out before.

Yo Tambien Te Mando Besos Says:

Hi SandyJ!

Thank you for stopping by yesterday! Hope you liked it there! Where can I find one of your books? I live in Mexico….

DebR Says:

I really want to see The Da Vinci Code movie too. It got panned by the critics at Cannes, but I want to see it anyway. I think I’ll try for a mid-week matinee though…maybe the crowds won’t be so bad.

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!

Sandy Says:

Tori: I never listen to reviewers either. There is only actually one that I know personally and she is usually right on target although I still decide for myself.

Mik: Da Nada! Glad to do it. Will be glad when it comes out since I didn’t get to read the whole thing :dunno:

Eve: What a wonderful analogy. I just like to be entertained. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. :mrgreen: And that is a good idea. I might just let them suckers get soused and go on to my heroine.

Yo: Nothing out yet, :neutral: but working on it and will be glad to let you know as soon as it does. Only have been published in short story and poem. Thanks for visiting and asking.

Deb: That’s a great idea also. Matinees let you have the theater and popcorn to yourself. :twisted:

Cece Says:

SAndy….with Opie and Forrest at the helm, how could it not be great? LOL

>>What do you do when the words will not come?

Try interviewing your characters and NO not character sketches, just try sitting down having a conversation with them…….

DixieBelle Says:

My son went to see it with some friends. They all really enjoyed it. But it got terrible reviews.:thumbsdown: I may go see it this weekend.

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