‘Today is the first day of the rest of your life.’

Going to be lazy this weekend about blogging. Have to write, have to write, have to write.

Thought you might enjoy these pictures, but don’t miss the last one. Makes having a rough day at work take on a new meaning!


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13 Responses to “lazy blogging…”

keda Says:

bloomin’ eck!!

what a visual treat…. going terribly wrong! those last two finall made me decide to get my arse in gear and go do the grocery shopping! i’m scared the things gonna jump out at me!

lovely post. thanks. here via michele’s*
and good luck with the writing!

Rene Says:

I love the shark coming out of the water, although I did find out it is a fake photo. Fun anyway. Hope you get lots of writing done today.

Mik Says:

Hey cool pics! I like “holding the sun”

And sorry I screwed up your blog earlier. :rotfl:

Sandy Says:

Keda: Thanks for visiting!

Mik Says:

I’m trying this smiley out


Sandy Says:

Rene: Rats! Pretty cool pic although I was worried about the navy man.

Dennie Says:

think of us often computerless people who can’t write as the geek squad has again confiscated our tools (yet again) – and get your booty in gear and write…. :rockon:

ooooh new smileys! LOL – :bunny: :juggle: :help: sorry – had to

NOW WRITE … :typing:

Dennie Says:

oh and FWIW – i have heard that last photo was a fake – can’t remember from whom though… however it is cool looking unless you’re that dude on the latter thingie! :shock:

Sandy Says:

Dennie: I love smilies! and Rene also said that is was supposed to be a fake. Can you imagine the look on the navy man’s face if he ever saw this!

Dennie Says:

not the first time today I didn’t read things all the way through…LOL! :juggle:

Chris Says:

My kids loved these pics…here from Michele’s!

Bernard Harper Says:

Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!

Jose maria Netherton Says:

This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.

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