‘In everday life, we dull the edges of our conversations. In writing, we hone the edge.’
~Paul Martin Raymond

Invasion was over last week.
House is over tonight.
American Idol will announce the winner tomorrow.
Lost will have it’s season finale tomorrow night.

I will be free! And I promise not to watch TV over the summer.

But I have been writing. I swear I have not been slacking off. In fact, every free moment as been spent working on my WIP. Haven’t blogged. Haven’t been reading. Haven’t spent any time with the family.

But I did get caught up on this year’s taxes. :oops: I promised myself I would not wait until the end of the year to start on them as I have done in the last few years so now it is all organized and on an Excel spreadsheet.

Go, Sandy!


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6 Responses to “almost over…”

Dennie Says:


Eve Says:

Yeah, but summer is when I promise mom I’ll sit down with her and watch movies. At least with TV I can sit at the desk and get something done.

Cece Says:

The 4400 starts in June! :hiding:

Sandy Says:

Dennie: That is so cute, you creative thing you! A little happy, huh?

Eve: By all means do it. You will get so much enjoyment out of it. An will be memories for later. Trust me.

Cece: What’s that? Need details!!!!! :hissyfit:

Cece Says:

LOL sandy are you sure? It’s about 4400 people who “disappeared” and were brought back (apparently from the future). This is the third season but I think you can get season one and two on dvd–check blockbuster! I *think* it’s on TNT

Sandy Says:

I cannot believe I haven’t heard about that one! Will have to take a trip to Blockbuster!

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