‘To change one’s life, start immediately, do it flamboyantly, no exceptions.’
~William James

I have a new name!

Not because I got a wild hair or had nothing else to do or was avoiding writing (honestly…really!), but because I came to the major conclusion that the old name didn’t emcompass everything I wrote or who I was.

I’ve never mentioned before, but I am also working on a sweet romance and a children’s inspirational series that has been in the makings for several years. And for the past few weeks, three people have asked me why I have such a dark blog with paranormal elements only if I plan to be published in multi genres. If one person asks, it is one thing, but when three different people mention it then means you need to take a wee bit closer look at the situation.

After thinking about it, I decided they were right. If my children’s series become published, or even my sweet romance does, then I wouldn’t want to offend anyone, parent or otherwise, with such a dark blog. And I started feeling uncomfortable with it.

So, hence the name change. It’s a start. And I will be working on a new blog and website look as time permits.

If you have my Magick Musings listed on your blogroll/website, I hope you don’t mind changing the name for me. No biggee if you can’t or don’t want to.

I was proud of myself figuring out how to change the header all by myself except for one little question (that ended up with other questions, but they don’t count) to Mik about how to load it again. I have such a short memory span. :roll:

On the writing front…

Spit out a page today. :page:

Keep your fingers crossed for me this week. Something that might turn our really good just might happen for me!

~Sandy J

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45 Responses to “notice anything new?”

Rene Says:

HEY!!! You are Site of the Day over at Michele’s. I didn’t realize you’d changed your name until I went over there. How exciting!!!!

People tell me the same thing. Why do I have such a dark blog? :eyes:

Catherine Says:

Hi, Michelle sent me. I like the look of your blog – but it’s new to me, so I don’t know what it looked like before

Gloria Says:

:thumbsup:AWESOME MS SANDY, JUST ABSOUTELY AWESOME. Something GOOD is about to happen for you. Can feel it in my bones!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart:

Toni Says:

It’s my first time here and it looks nice and cozy. :)

Michele sent me!

mar Says:

:bananadance: congrats on being Michele’s SOTD! new name, positive perspectives, good luck to you!

Karen Says:

Well congrats on the new name, the new header and being Michele’s site of the day! She sent me here today….

kenju Says:

Hi, Sandy, congratulations on being Michele’s site of the day. She sent me to tell you that – and to say that I like the new look (even though I don’t know what the old was like).

Gypsy Says:

Good luck with your writing endeavors. I’m a long-time romance reader :)

And congrats on being SOTD!

shpprgrl Says:

Hey Sandy! Congrats on being SOTD. You’ve done a great job, your place looks nice. Good luck on all your projects!

Eve Says:

Hi, I’m just plain ol’ me stopping by without anybody telling me too. :yes: I think it’s great that Michelle sends people to other sites and congratulations on being her SOTD.

I like the new name, and your reasoning behind it is very sound. That’s why I have a couple of pen names for the different stuff I want to do.

Congrats on the page!!!

And my fingers are crossed – awfully hard to type this way though.

Janet Says:

Can’t comment on the site change, as I don’t know (or possibly can’t remember, cause you do seem familiar) what it looked like before! This one is nice, tho :-)

Hi, Michele sent me!

Megan Says:

Hey, something good did happen. And good for you on getting that page out. Some days that’s the best you can do!

Hi – Michele sent me.

DebR Says:

Hi Sandy, nice to see you again and I like the new blog name! Congrats on being the SOTD. Michele sent me!

Thumper Says:

Good luck on spitting a page out today. Maybe two! Or better yet, 5! (I shoudl talk, me who has not written anything for about a month…)

And hi! Michele sent me!

Sandy Says:

Rene: Wow! I didn’t know until I saw your comment! Hey, I love your blog!

Catherine: Love those kaleidoscope pics. Looks like cathedral ceilings to me.

Gloria: I pray it is so. I could use a few miracles right now.

Toni: Forgot to tell you that sandwich looks yummy.

Mar: Being positive holds my life together!

Karen: Will check back on your site to see what you decide to do.

Kenju: Thanks! Love those kitty pics.

Daughter-in-law: Thanks for visiting.

Gypsy: I love romance also!

Shpprgrl: Thanks! Cute blog you have!

Eve: Hi! Nothing plain about you. And you are so much fun! You always make me laugh.

Janet: I have visited your blog before and love the way a person can change the header to what they prefer. Kewl!

Megan: You’re right! And I am trying for a page a day and work my way up.

Debr: Good to see you again. I just noticed you live in northeastern Kentucky. We lived in Louisville for about 18 mos years ago.

Thumper: You’re right. If one is good, five is better! Loved your memorial day salute. Very touching.

colleen Says:

I read somewhere that Barbara Streisand changed her first name to Barbra and here career took off!

What was the old name?

Michele says Hi too.

barbie2be Says:

hi there! michele sent me. :lol:

Terri Says:

Congrats on being Site of the Day….Michele sent me.
Like your new title and best of luck on your writing.

Cin Says:

Congrats on being the SOTD!

I understand the need to make changes – I’m contemplating a few myself. Why do we compartmentalize so much? Multi-genre is so much more encompassing…

Cheers – the lovely Michele sent me.

Paige Says:

Hey here by way of Michele’s today. This is one reason some folks use pen names.
Have a great SOTD kinda day :rotfl:

Tori Lennox Says:

I like it a lot! :rockon:

OldOldLady Of The Hills Says:

:grin: Conratulations on beint Michele’s site of the day! And much good luck with your new name and any other changes you will make.:wave:

Dennie Says:

shee-it – you go away for half one afternoon and your blog explodes…. looks good… now write! :whip:

Paste Says:

New site looks fine to me, here from Michels and congrats on being SOTD.

Keb Says:

Congrats on the new name. And the writing. And being Michele’s SOTD. Michele sent me today (obviously!)

Cyndy Says:

I think your site looks great. Apparently so does Michele because you are the SOTD!

Jigsaw Says:

Hello! Michele sent me! Okay, now that the formalities are over I’d just like to say “hello” and tell you that even though I didn’t see your “look” prior to this one…this “look” is fabulous!
I’ve been a blogger for over a year but closed my first blog because I couldn’t write about what was really on my mind. I had too many family members that would be astonished at what I plan on writing about on my new blog if it were written on the “old” blog. So, here I am…starting over again.
Please stop by if you wish…I’d love to have some company over there! :bananadance:

Just a trumpet player Says:

Congratulations on being Michele’s site of the day !!

Going to snoop around a bit… Have a nice day !

Rene Says:

Hey, I’m back again. This is my “comment game” post. Hi, here from Michele’s :thumbsup:

sandy Says:

Fingers crossed, but seems your luck is already on the right track – Site of the day and all that! ;)

Best of luck. And enjoyed my visit. Glad Michele sent me.

Sandy Says:

Colleen: Hey! Maybe my career will take off also. The old name was Magick Musings

Barbe2b: Thanks for visiting! Hope you got your computer problems fixed!

Terri: Thanks!

Cin: Still love that picture on your blog! And you’re right. Not putting yourself into little boxes makes you much more versatile.

Paige: Hmmm, that’s a thought! Loved the post you had today.

Tori: I don’t think we will ever know the truth about Jimmy Hoffa. But, again, neither will we know about Kennedy, the Roswell incident…

Oldoldladyofthehills: Wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Dennie: Well, rats! Thought you’d be gone ALL day and miss my playing around. Yes ma’am. Back to work!

Paste: You are a hoot!

Flamingess Says:

Here from Michele. So glad she sent me.

Angela Says:

Congratulations on being Site of the Day and also on figuring out how to reload your header, hehe!

And good luck this weekend with whatever your endeavor may be!!

Here from Michele’s :)

Sandy Says:

Keb: Happy Anniversary last Thursday!

Cyndy: Thanks for visiting. Enjoyed your blog, but sorry about the cell phone idiot you had to put up with.

Just a trumpet: Congrats again on the 10,000 mark!

Rene: Can you believe I have never listened to a Bruce Springsteen song?

Sandy: Hope you get through painting before hubby makes it back!

Sandy Says:

Flamingess: What a neat job you have!!! Folks, you have to see it to believe it!

Angela: What a rough day! But a shopping spree at B&N would make it all worthwhile.

Malinda777 Says:

:juggle: Good luck with the new book. Juggling life along with a dream is exciting.

Here from Michele

Cece Says:

You could cross promote one way but not the other….um I don’t see anythign different hon?

Sandy Says:

Malinda777: Your logo is great! Congrats on your new business.

Cece: Just a new name. New look to come later. I changed the name having no clue I would be honored by being Site of the Day at Michelle Agnew’s.

Mik Says:

Hey I like the new name. And congrats on the page!!


Cece Says:

I must be the biggest dork in the world cuz Your name looks the same hon……. :dunno:

Daisy Dexter Dobbs Says:

Love the new name, Sandy. It’s always a nice feeling to redesign your blog or website. Of course, the process can get mighty frustrating at times, but the end product is usually worth it. :-)

Cornelia Appleton Says:

This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.

Dennis Fletcher Says:

I’m impressed with your site, very nice graphics!

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