‘If only writing were as easy as good writing makes it appear.’
~Paul Raymond Martin

…is a good cup of coffee. As the Faith Hill song goes.

Love my new job. Hate that I don’t have as much time to blog, but I decided I would do what I could and not worry about it. Will just have to catch up on the weekends. So if any of you want to know why I don’t visit as often as I did, I will still run by sometime during the week or weekend. Probably just not every day.

Last night, after a full day of work starting at o’dark thirty and ending at o’dark thirty, my supervisor and I ended the day attending at seminar on a new vaccine just coming out. The restaurant was Del Frisco’s and if you have never eaten there, you definitely NEED to. They are known for their steaks and mine was beyond delicious. The warm bread melted in your mouth and the potatoes were excellent. Won’t mention the strawberry cheesecake I brought home for later. Didn’t wait much later, though, because if any of those who shall remain nameless found it in the fridge…

I have a full weekend. Our chapter is having the website professionally done and he sent us the prototype the other day. The webisite committee got together and came up with some changes and tweaking, so have to get those to him. Dennie and I are having our hair done tomorrow to get ready for Nationals in less than two weeks. Have an eye doctor appointment for new glasses. Grocery shopping, laundry, post office, bank, church on Sunday…already feel a Starbucks need coming on.

Now! Drumrolls please!

Check out my two good friends good news…

Michelle’s new book, Talk Dirty to Me, is now available! Click here to order it!

Dennie’s new book cover is out with the book available September 19 – just before my birthday.

Way to go, girlfriends! So proud of both of you!

~Sandy J

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7 Responses to “the secret of life…”

Carmi Says:

Hi Sandy. The restaurant sounds divine…a lovely reward for your burning the candle at both ends at work.

I love the quotations you include with your entries. They are incredibly inspiring.

And I very much appreciate the sentiment of your comments on my blog. You’re a kind soul. It’s good wishes like yours that make it easy for me to put my head down and gut it out as the media circus pulls me in and holds on for more twirls than I’m used to. It’s been a cool week. It’s been even cooler having so many neat folks to share it with via my blog.

Bailey Stewart Says:

Yeah, you’ll get to us when you can – we understand. The restaurant sounds great. I’m looking forward to my next trip to The Saltgrass Steakhouse – loved that steak.

Sounds like a busy weekend, enjoy.

Yay Dennie:bananadance:

Bailey Stewart Says:

Hit submit too soon – and congratulations to your friend Michelle too.

Bailey Stewart Says:

Just me again – now that I clicked on the name – Michelle is Mik, D’oh. So sue me.:dunno:

Sandy Says:

Carmi: Thanks for all the kind words. People just don’t say nice things in this world like they should. You are an inspiration and make me believe I can do anything I put my mind to.

Bailey: You are a hoot! I love people that make me laugh. :loveeyes:

Dennie Says:

CANNOT WAIT … WOOHOO!!! :rockon:

Yay Mik! :bananadance::bananadance:

LOL Bailey – imagine, someone w/ more than one name – LOL :hiding:

Bailey Stewart Says:

Dennie – there’s just too much of me to go around with just one name. :mrgreen:

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