‘The Promised Land always lies on the other side of the wilderness.’
~Havelock Ellis

…my RWA National Conference pics:

Finally got to meet Jill Shalvis. She is so nice and hysterically funny.

Have met Sherrilyn Kenyon before and she is always just wonderful to her fans.

Kristin Hannah. One classy lady. She actually remembered me when we had dinner together one year.

Linda Howard. Another classy and super nice person.

I hurt my arm on my luggage. :dunno: What a doofus I can be.
~Sandy J

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11 Responses to “finally…”

mar Says:

:wave: sounds like a fun conference,except for your sore arm. How did you do that?::thumbsdown:
Happy sunday, here via Michele’s:rockon:

moon Says:

Sounds like you had a blast. Great photos, thanks for sharing them. I hope your arm heals quickly, that looks like it’s gotta hurt.
Popped over from Michele’s, have a great day.

Devon Ellington Says:

Looks like you had a blast!

Dennie Says:

I hit her, I admit it – but she ate the last piece of chocolate – Am I justified or what?!?!?


just calls us the boo-boo sisters…

Sandy Says:

Mar: Love the idea of the Photo Hunt on your site. I hurt my arm while carrying my luggage from the airport to the train to the hotel in Atlanta. It really looked worse than it felt. And strangely enough, it went away without leaving a bruise.

Moon: Thanks for stopping by.

Devon: We did have a great time. ‘Vegas rules’ and all that ya know! :twisted:

Dennie: How’s your foot?

Lucy Says:

still sore… and the bruise on my thigh is lovely puke brown

Sandy Says:

Luuuucccciiieeee: You have some ‘splaining to do!!!

Jill Says:

I really enjoyed meeting you!!

Bailey Stewart Says:

You met Jill. :hissyfit:

And you two really need to quit beating each other up.

Mik Says:

Ouch, Sandy! that looks like it hurt!!

Amie Says:

Great pics hon!!!!!! :rockon:

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