‘Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion..’
~Charles Kuralt

Today’s Weather

Hot! Hot! Hot!

It’s a scorcher out there, folks. Got into my car after work and the temp was registering 108 degrees. School started in a lot of districts and I am not sure how the wee folk can stand it. I can’t wait for my kind of weather. October weather. The fall. When leaves start turning and the air is crisp and cooler and all seems right with the world. And Starbucks comes out with frothy drinks called Pumpkin Spice Latte.

My boss is headed to the Colorado mountains in a few weeks and I am so jealous.

If I could live anywhere in the world, I would live in the mountains. Where would you live if you had your choice?


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Mik Says:

This is a total no-brainer for me. SCOTLAND!!! In the Highlands, wee lassie.

Devon Ellington Says:

I need to be near an ocean. Not close enough for the house to fall in during a storm, but close enough so ti’s only a few minutes drive, and I can walk the beach in winter.

Bailey Stewart Says:

Yeah, I’d forgotten that your favorite weather was October. :mrgreen: I’m waiting for November.

Anywhere cooler – anywhere. Must have cool weather soon or I will expire :wall:

Bailey Stewart Says:

At least we just got a little rain – but all that did was make it more humid.:yuck:

Sandy Says:

Mik: Love the idea of going to Scotland!

Devon: Oooh! The ocean would be nice. Maybe have my house in the mountains near the ocean. Is there such a place?:dunno:

Bailey: :rotfl: Yup: Favorite weather is definitely October! And it has been so hot here!!! :yuck:

Joe Anderson Says:

Surely it beats rain? Michele sent me

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