‘Never resolve one conflict before presenting another.’
~Paul Raymond Martin

…a new artist! And I want some of these photographs for my new office walls!

It is a husband and wife team named John and Deb Scanlan and their website is awesome . And they will be in Dallas the weekend of my birthday. Hey, honey, guess what I want for my birthday?

Would love to walk down this little path and see where it goes.

Somewhere time forgot.

I want to live somewhere like this. But near the mountains.

Can’t you just imagine sitting here having coffee and soaking up the atmosphere?

What do you think? Doesn’t it make you want to visit these places?


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6 Responses to “i have discovered…”

Sandy S Says:

I love pictures like that. They remind me of Italy. Enjoy the exhibit.

Rene Says:

I’ve seen these before and I love them. I’d love to decorate a room with these pictures. I’d like to visit a place like this, but not live there.

Bailey Stewart Says:

Oh, those are beautiful.

We had the a/c off for almost 5 hours this morning – it was wonderful!:bananadance:

Dennie ~ Says:

ooops forgot to change my name bachk – hehehe

Sandy Says:

Sandy: I wanna go, :hissyfit:

Rene: Maybe a vacation home????

Bailey: When I left for lunch the weather was so nice!!!! Didn’t want to go back!

Lucy: That’s okay, Ethel knows who you are :rotfl:

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