‘Dreams are yesterday’s answers to tomorrow’s questions!’
~Edgar Cayce

…purchased something that you were sure was a good investment?

Years ago, I decided I needed to start investing. Something that would make me a pretty good return and make me wealthy beyond my wildest dreams.

Become debt free. Help me retire. Buy the cabin in the mountains and the cabana by the ocean. Travel the world. Pay for the kids college. Support me in the manner of which I wanted to become accustomed to.

So I set out and did my research.

First, I mentioned this to my once-a-week-front-porch-happy-hour girlfriends. We would meet at a different home each Wednesday and share tidbits of our wisdom, our lives, our interests, and our margaritas. After discussing this with the ‘experts’, I came to the decision of what I needed to focus on.

A very hot and very sought after commodity.

I searched the internet. Consulted expert retail and wholesale suppliers. Bought and read books on the matter. There were even several publications that gave detailed information on what each item was worth on the market. Most were hard, if not impossible, to acquire. But that was no deterrent.

I was informed. I was sure. I was ready.

I started my acquisitons. Visited every establishment that carried or would possibly carry what I wanted. Memorized shipping schedules and stood in long lines to purchase it when it hit the shelves. Won bidding wars on Ebay.

I became an expert as I watched my portfolio grow. This is an ‘investment’ I claimed to my family as they shook their heads in amazement. One day, I will be the one laughing.

My ship would come in.

Well, I found my investment(s) in the attic the other day. Here’s just a few to share with you.

Yep, I was a victim of the Beanie Baby craze. :oops:

I can’t get my money back and they are just too cute to get rid of. And these are just a few. I have hundreds!

My very favorite one. The Princess Diana beanie baby circa about 1999.

Have you ever done something crazy and wild and found the evidence years later?


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6 Responses to “have you ever…”

Dennie Says:

no – I have burned all the evidence and you can’t prove a think…. :hiding:

Dennie Says:

except I can’t spell worth a crap – sheesh – that would be thinG gaw :eyes:

Bailey Stewart Says:

But Dennie – you’re correct – you can’t prove a think. :rotfl:

I myself have a nice shovel and a big backyard.

Hey, I have the Irish one!

Mine were/are Wheaties Boxes and Collector Barbies. I think the latter comes down to the fact that I could never have the pretty dolls when I was a child, so I have them now. That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ with it.

Sandy Says:

Dennie: :rotfl: I’ll bet there is evidence SOMEWHERE!!!

Bailey: I love the Irish one also! And there is a girl at work that has her picture on a Wheaties box. Pretty cool!

Daisy Dexter Dobbs Says:

Oh Sandy, this is just too funny! For decades I’ve been collecting all sorts of crap, convinced that it will one day help me to retire in luxury. Hah! I’ve even purchased things specifically to sell on eBay and make a killing, only to have the craze die down two seconds after I made my purchase. Yup, I can SO relate to your post! :yes:

Sandy Says:

Daisy: I am the kiss of death also. :dunno: If I invested in Bill Gates’ company, he would be bankrupt within 6 months.

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