‘When angry… count to four. When very angry…swear!’
~Mark Twain


For two nights this week I have didn’t get home until late. Very late. From work. (Get your mind out of the gutter!!! :cool: ) And have come home to 175 spam emails.

Within. My. Blog.

The kind you have to go to each comment and delete. :wall:

Not to mention my other email address.

Michelle was kind enough last week to do something (far be it for me to understand) on my blog to help keep this from happening, but I believe my address had already been sold to the devil.

A lot of it is in a foreign language. No comprende, you idiot…

Wanting me to have a bigger p*nis or larger br*asts. Don’t have a p*nis and my br*asts are just fine. ‘Course if the word ‘perkier’ were mentioned…

Offering me the option to buy stock. No thanks. I will wait and see how the stock in the obscure company in that remote village does for YOU first…

P*rn*graphy. Ewwww ! I am a nurse. I have seen all kinds of naked bodies. Again…Ewww! And shame on you!

Mr. ‘Whomever’ died and left two million dollars in the bank with no heirs. Email me and I’ll see that you get the money. Yeah, right! After sending YOU money first! Do people really ever fall for this?

Now, I am not trying to compete with Bailey’s Friday Spamarama as she is the Queen of the Spamarama. She does such a funny job with them! But I am just so tired of having to clean my emails…my blog… and now… my language.

A pox on you! And when you finally die and go to hell, I hope you are forced to sit with NO computer and have to hand write in brimstone an ‘I’m sorry’ note to each and every email address you ever sent a spam to. That’ll take you an eternity or two!

Gaw! Have to run so I can clean out the 65 spams I got overnight!

I need coffee…:lovecoffee:


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10 Responses to “there is a special hell for…”

Michelle Says:

Spammers suck. I’m REALLY tired of getting the “anal porn movie” ones. SHA. Like I really want to see THAT. :evil:

Colin Says:

Hi Sandy!

I know what you mean about spammers. Total nightmare. My inbox seems to be nothing BUT at the moment. One word of advice I can offer is never be tempted to respond to any of them. They are mostly automated and if you reply they know you exist – then you’ll get 100 more to every 1.

Cheers the noo!


Dennie Says:

LOL – I know right – I get them through other e-mails too TWW, HHRW

man oh man

but you know I really do feel sorry for the attorneys of all my deceased relitives – who knew I had such a big and totaly wealthy family! You’d have thought they would have had their affairs setteled better – who knew…

Bailey Stewart Says:

But if you get some really good ones, copy the subject lines into an email and send it to me :mrgreen:

Sandy Says:

Michelle: Spammers do suck! But whatever you did today seemed to have worked. thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!

Colin: I hear ya! I use outlook so I can see the email without opening it up. That helps big time for those subjects like “Invoice payment included”. That is something that I might have opened if I had not been able to read it with Outlook.

Dennie: You just can’t count on relatives to do the right thing. :dunno:

Bailey: Will do that! I’d love to see what you will come up with.

Terri Says:

Hi from Michele’s…..and my first time visiting here.
I browsed around and you have a nice blog. Wonder what’s going on in the world of spam…they must be on a crusade this week! Because I seldom get spam in my blog and yet this past week I’ve had a few.
So I join you in your aggravation and your punishment for them!

Christine Says:

Oh I hate spammers! I’ve been lucky enough to not get many on my blog (knock on wood!), but I get plenty of email spams. The ones I hate the most are the ones for penis enlargement – check your demographics, Mr. Spams-a-lot! I hope you don’t have any more trouble with them!

Sandy Says:

Terri: Thanks for the nice comments. And, I agree, there must be a convention of spammers going on this weekend.

Christine: I also hate the ones that have both penis AND breasts enlargments! Hello! If I have one I certainly don’t have the other! Hopefully not, :lol:

Rene Says:

I hardly get any spam and none through my blog. Not sure why.

Sandy S Says:

Sorry to hear you’ve been spamed. Kind of like being violated. :no:

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