‘Ideas are the easy part.’
~Paul Raymond Martin

Part of my new position is working on a software program to implement in the near future.

Well, last week, on a conference call, the manufacturer mentioned that we needed to take 600 DTS’s.

Let me explain.

Those are codes to fix problems.

You are always going to have a few here and there and it is usually an ongoing problem as you progress.

But 600?????

Hellooooo!!!!!! Even I can read between the lines.

And now we have to wade through each. and. every. one. to determine if and how they effect us.

Hence the punky mood of the day – BORED!


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4 Responses to “do what???”

Dennie Says:

day-um …. :lovecoffee:

Voodoo Says:

Good gaw are you serious??? I’m sorry that you have to go thru that!


Bailey Stewart Says:

That doesn’t sound like fun at all. As Uber-Dennie would say “Day-um”

Rene Says:

Ouch! Doesn’t sound like any fun at all.

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