‘Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life.’
~Leo Buscaglia

…what a week!

Weather went from warm to cold to warm to cool. Not a good thing.

DTS’s (codes for problems) went from 600 to 288. That’s a good thing.

Started walking on the treadmill and managed to get three days in a row done. Good thing.

Worked on my WIP and got a page done. That’s a good thing.

Stuck on plot. Not a good thing.

Went to Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Kroger for Thanksgiving groceries so I don’t have do it after work this week. Everything stocked and ready to go. That’s a good thing.

Spent over $300.00 and we are not even eating at home for Thanksgiving! Not a good thing.

Bought and read JD Robb’s new book ~ Born in Death. It rocked! That was a good thing.

Son made me listen to Trans Siberian Orchestra’s new ‘Christmas Canon Rock’. Great song! To listen to it, click on the picture below.

Now it is stuck in my head and I am dying to see them perform in Dallas, Dec 16. Not a good thing.

How has your week gone?


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3 Responses to “Wow…”

Dennie Says:

I did ALL (well 85%) of the CHristmas shopping online yesterday – the kids are gonna FREAK! :bugeyes:

They are off this whole week! :book:

I am taking them to see Happy Feet tomoorw at the museum and then meal w/ the in-laws on Thursday – :help:

…oh and Vegas is a week and a half away BABY! :rockon:

Michelle Says:

Slowly. VERY VERY slowly.

But hey – at least I’m writing!! :thumbsup:

Rene Says:

I’m so tired. I did my Thanksgiving shopping yesterday. I’m still cleaning up after the parties this weekend. But I’m back to writing. I’v e punched out over 1500 words so far today. I’m really eager to complete Nano this year. We are having a smaller Thanksgiving this year so I don’t have as much to do and I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping, so I may stay home Friday and write.

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