‘A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams’
~John Barrymore

I can’t believe my four day holiday will be over soon! I have enjoyed being off and it could easily become a habit! :bugeyes:

Thanksgiving dinner at ‘da Bears’ was, as usual, wonderful and a blast. We ate and drank and visited and played games and talked and laughed. Discovered a new game called Taboo that had us falling on the floor laughing. I kept getting ‘buzzed’ with the buzzer (by my own son no less who happened to be on my team) because I’d forget and would answer for the other team. :dunno:

Braved the malls Friday and made a dent in my Christmas shopping. A small dent. But got the main item I was getting for the boys. An Apple 4 GB iPod! In silver. Best Buy had the Best Deal. Since Apple won’t let anyone discount the items, they gave away $25.00 gift cards with each iPod. So that was like getting them $25.00 off each as I was able to use the gift cards for other Christmas items!

I so love a deal!

Also shopped my favorite place, Chico’s for women, but we won’t go there…!

Found the docking stations with speakers for the iPods at one place that was regularly $100.00 on sale for $39.99. Only until 12:00 noon. (“But, lady, I WAS in line BEFORE noon!”) Sheesh! But she gave it to me anyway.

{{Sigh}} today is the last day off and so much still to do. Can’t decide whether to work on my WIP (which I should do) or go Christmas shopping (which I want to do) or work around the house (which I NEED to do).

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8 Responses to “over already?”

Bailey Stewart Says:

We used to play Taboo years ago – great game and so much fun.

At least that’s one good thing about a quiet Christmas for me this year – no shopping!

Bailey Stewart Says:

Well, except maybe to check out those yard sales. :rotfl:

Sandy Says:

Bailey: {{Hugs}}

Michelle Says:

Well you know what I did this weekend. hehe I can’t believe you went to the mall on Friday! :shock: You are braver than I am.

Dennie Says:

my online purchases are starting to come in… how many times do you think the boys will buy, “no really, those are books, yeah, books I ordered.” they are a suspicous lot – can’t imagine why…. :dunno:

Voodoo Says:

Didnja hate goin back to work??? I know I wanted to stay home another day for sure!

Rene Says:

I did a lot of my shopping already. With my girls having their birthdays in November, I tend to do my Christmas shopping at the same time. My son wants a Nintendo Wii, good luck on that one. He’s the only one I really need to shop for. He would like an iPod, not sure why but he might get one.

Sandy Says:

Michelle: Brave? Or Stupid?? :???:

Dennie: Wha?? How can you get into the Christmas spirit when you won’t go out right into the middle of it??? :dunno:

Voodoo: Hey, miss ya! We need to all get together again!

Rene: Wow! Birthdays right before Christmas? But my mom’s was on Dec 23 when she was alive.

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