Quote for the Day

“Dreams are necessary to life.”

~Anais Nin

…that with the new year looming around the corner, it must bring out sentimentality in people. Strangely enough, I have received many emails this week from friends and email buddies who have shared their thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams and beliefs and have asked me about mine. In fact, I get more emails than I do comments on my blog. Not sure why, but believe it might be because of the not wanting to share these things of the heart in public. And I thank you for trusting me with what you have to share.

You asked for it so here goes:

My thoughts:

I believe in dreams. I wish on stars. I believe there is magic everywhere and in everything.

I care for many, but only truly love a few.

I believe in God.

Plan ahead, but don’t let it keep you from living now.

Give it your best shot and let others do the same. And help each other pick up the pieces when and if it is needed.

Learn to laugh at yourself.

Never, ever judge. You cannot know what goes on behind closed doors or how it feels to walk in someone elses shoes.

Learn from the past and take a chance on the future.

Find a passion and follow it.

Life is tough and that is okay. Disappointment and hurt. Skyrocketing highs and despairing lows. Broken hearts. Just remember, under no circumstances, let it keep you from trying again.

Never, NEVER quit. Tomorrow may the day your dreams come true.

And lastly, don’t just exist. Make the most of your life. It is a gift to you and what you do with it is your gift back.

Email me if you don’t want to comment and let me know what you think.


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4 Responses to “i believe…”

Michelle Says:

Beautiful. And so true. :)

Happy New Year, sweetie!!

Daisy Dexter Dobbs Says:

That was a beautiful list, Sandy.

Best wishes for a new year filled with joy, love, good health, friendship, and enough of whatever you want and need to fulfill your deepest dreams and desires.

Thank you for being a part of my life this past year and making it so much richer!

Bailey Stewart Says:

Beautiful list, just beautiful. And oh so true.

Happy New Year Sandy!

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