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“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”

~Bill Cosby

…don’t fear it!

Note from Sandy: Got an email from one of my blog readers who chastised me quite sternly for not writing any of my motivational blogs. So, in that person’s honor (and you know who you are), here goes.

Tess Gerritsen recently blogged about how NOT to feel like a loser when things are not going just right in your writing career. She wrote about how hard a writing career is. How the publishing industry excels at making you feel a loser. And how she often feels like one even with almost 20 books under her belt, many of them award winning best sellers.

How could she ever feel like a loser? Beautiful, talented, successful both as an internist and a New York Times Bestselling author.

Mind boggling to say the least.

Author JA Konrath writes that ‘The secret to being a winner is confidence. Since most of us lack in this department, being sensitive artist types, we have to learn to fake confidence.’

He also goes on to give ideas on exactly how to do that. One of those pearls of wisdom struck home to me:

7. Focus on success. You’ll fail sometimes. We all do. But if you focus on the good things that happen, and push down the bad, you’ll be perceived as a winner. Perception equals reality.

I believe this advice should also follow us in every aspect of our lives. Whether in our careers, our love, our relationships, or our families.

Have you ever been so down and depressed over a situation that it is difficult to think past it? It not only colors your thinking, but your attitude and your actions.

Has fear of success or fear of continued success affected the way you present yourself to others? Even to the point of when you look in the mirror in the morning you don’t recognize the face staring back?

It’s hard looking past those negative and worrisome feelings. It’s difficult to push them down when they are all consuming and you find yourself paralyzed with what might or might not be.

It’s like what Keanu Reeves’ character in The Replacements call fear of the ‘Quicksand’. One thing goes wrong, then fear takes hold causing another, and then another until you become neck deep in the mire and unable to get out.

To be a true winner means searching deep and finding the success that even failures bring.
To be a winner means faking confidence until the real thing shows up.
To be a winner means you never quit no matter how bad the fear is.


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One Response to “fake it…”

Rene Says:

Great post.

I think it is so tough for writers because our writing is so entangled with our own sense of self. When we write and submit, we are exposing a part of ourselves to be praised and rejected.

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