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“Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.”

~William Feather

…james bond

Watched several movies this weekend and enjoyed them all and didn’t pick any of them. That was a good thing as the last several movies ‘I’ chose were not such good picks. Maybe that is telling me something. :oops:

‘Fracture’ with Anthony Hopkins turned out to be a tiny bit predictable but enjoyable all the same. The best part was the ‘Black Moment’.

In writerspeak, the ‘Black Moment’ is the point of the story when all is lost. There is no way the main character will reach the goal or save the day. But the writers really came through and the resolution ended up being very satisfying and even surprised me. Take that, Mr. Scary Anthony Hopkins!!!

The latest James Bond movie, Casino Royale, turned out to be the favorite of the weekend. Even if it was the impetus for a major ‘discussion’. :help:

I expected, as one would with having seen most all of the James Bond movies, this one would be about the same. Cool, unflappable, tuxedo wearing, martini drinking, hunky 007 able to extricate himself out of all types of predicaments using cool tools of technology.

Not so.

Even if the ‘discussion’ was in regard to this being a prequel to all the other JB movies (he had just been elevated to 00 status) ~ I pointed out that Paradise Island wouldn’t have been built yet, there were no GPS’s on cell phones, and they didn’t make portable AED’s back then.

Okay, okay, I understand this is a Bond movie where the technology was far advanced in the world of British Intelligence but I will stick to my guns that there were NO Texas Hold’em games yet!

But, hey, I do concede that I lost the ‘discussion’ as each movie really is supposed to be a ‘stand alone’ and in present day time and that I am way too analytical. :hiding:

Having said that, I thoroughly loved the young James and thought the writers did a fabulous job portraying him as young, not-so-experienced, not-so-cool, yet still a hunky 00 agent. Having four sons I can easily relate to the character of this age and found it very believable.

The characterization of this prequel did a fantastic job to set the precedence for the mature Bonds we all know and love.

I will tell you this. It is tough being a writer and watching movies now. You see things in such a different light now.


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2 Responses to “bond…”

Rene Says:

I thought “Casino Royale” is excellent. The Bond movies do not follow the Bond books. However, my husband who has read all of them said this movie actually followed the spirit of the book more than any of the other movies did with the books. I also thought Daniel Craig made a wonderful Bond.

nienke Says:

So true. Reading isn’t the same either.
I also enjoyed Casino Royale – which is quite remarkable because I’m not a JB fan. I liked Daniel Craig in the role and and I also like how he was more active and involved – more raw than other Bonds. Not as reliant on techie stuff.

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