“Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.”

~William Congreve

… has arrived!

Thanksgiving day dawned cold, dreary, and misty. But we did get about 30 minutes of snow that got everyone’s attention. The huge snowflakes drifted lazily down surprising even the weathermen. Of course, we all rushed out the door to twirl around and try to catch a flake or two on our tongues.

The kids thought we adults were nuts.

But it was just enough to get us excited and enjoy the brief weather treat.

Thanks to Dennie, a great Thanksgiving was had by all. Turkey and the trimmings with lots of desserts and wine with a football game and a couple of hands of cards thrown in. The company was wonderful also. Finally got to meet her in-laws and a few out-laws.

Thanks, again, Dennie! Owe ya bigtime!

The rest of the weekend was lazy. Braved the mall Friday afternoon. Wasn’t all that bad. I guess the crowds had thinned out once the early morning sales were over.

Watched Ghost Whisperer and Moonlight Friday night. Went to the movies Saturday and saw The Gangster which surprised me with how good it was. A little shopping. Fixed steaks one night, hot dogs and soup the next and tonight I have meatloaf baking.

Did a tiny bit of reading on the new JD Robb. An even tinier bit of writing done.

But, tomorrow, work beckons. :help:

Not a very exciting blog, but the four days off was wonderful and much needed.

How was your weekend?


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8 Responses to “winter…”

Bailey Stewart Says:

Quiet Thanksgiving – just me. We got sleet instead of snow, but I saw the snow on the tv during the game. Worked Saturday, spent Sunday with Bebo (we watched Oceans 13 and loved it). I was supposed to put the tree up today, but it doesn’t look like it’ll happen.

Sandy Says:

Bailey: The snow was wonderful. Even for just the few minutes it came down. Not sure what it is about the white stuff that turns sedate adults into 5 year olds again.

Brenda Says:

Fall? What fall season? My step-sister was still getting tomatoes in her garden last week! We went from summer to winter. Maybe 2 days of autumn like weather, but that was it.

As for the Black Friday shopping, I would rather be dragged through cactus naked.:hissyfit:

Denise ~ Says:

I am so glad your could join us! (my sanity thanks you immensly! :hyper: )

The snow was really neat–the kids acted like they never see it it . . .oh wait this is north Texas . . . :coffee:

I am tired!

Denise ~ Says:

Brenda . . . you never know. Next year Snady and I may show up at your door step @ 3 am Friday the 28 th :shock: w/ a cactus in one hand and checkbook in the other . . . you WILL have to choose! :angel:

Denise ~ Says:

sheesh, I can NEVER spell S.A.N.D.Y correct. I give up . . . .

Brenda Says:

Cactus would win. Also, remember I said “naked.” Could you livie with that memory? As for spelling Sandy–what was in your coffee this morning?

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