“My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can.”

~Cary Grant

…full week! Literally!

Let me start at the beginning. Last Monday was my birthday. But the celebration started on the Saturday before with Michelle treating me to…

PF Chang’s. We had to travel all the way to North Dallas, but for those of you that have ever been blessed with visiting this establishment of culinary delights, it is my all time favorite! The owner asked me what I normally have there and when I answered Orange Peel Chicken, he told our waiter under no circumstances was I allowed to order that and instead brought me the Chang’s Spicy Chicken.

Yum! It is now my favorite out of the many that I have there. We started with lettuce wraps and ended with banana spring rolls. Double yum! The only thing I missed was the calamari. I am not a big favorite of calamari normally, but their’s is to die for. I love it!

What is it that makes me feel so good to accomplish eating my meal with sticks? This is America. Land of the spoons and forks. But, now that I am an expert with the chopsticks, I feel as if I am so cool. So grownup. But, humor me, folks, it is my life. And if eating with little black pointy things makes me feel good…back off. Life is too short not to find what fun and enjoyment we can.

Next, my bosses and the administrative secretaries took me out to eat at Pappadeaux’s, a seafood restaurant where I had the Mixed Seafood Grill – a skewer of assorted charbroiled seafood and veggies. Which means it had a lot of grilled scallops that were absolutely delish! They also have a wonderful gumbo. But I have been told mine is better. :mrgreen:

Not many people know this, but my boss has the same birthday as I do. Exactly. Born on the same day, in fact. I have to explain to everyone, though, that I am six hours older than she is. I believe it makes her feel better. Fine with me, she is a great person. And I love the relationship she has with her husband. We took her to Mi Cocina and had Mexican food to celebrate her birthday. Muy bueno, mi amigas!

I went with some friends from work to a ‘wine dinner’ at a place called Johnny Carino’s, an Italian restaurant. It is held every fourth Tuesday of the month and the head chef fixes a special meal that is not on the menu accompanied by a different wine for each of the four courses.

Four course – four wines. You do the math. And you do the imagination after everyone has had at least four glasses of wine. Most of them, much more.

I am such a schmuck about wines – stuck on my White Zinfindel – so I didn’t enjoy the wine (just tried a sip of each), but the food and company was a real treat.

To recuperate from a week of overeating, I relaxed this evening by lighting my candles, pouring a glass of White Zinfindel and settling into my favorite chair. I missed most of the new TV premiers this week – one of which was Dancing with the Stars and the Unit – but tonight got to enjoy Ghost Whisperer ( I still love the relationship between the heroine and her husband) and the new one called Moonlight.


It. Was. Great!

But I have been told:

1) I am a romanticist at heart (hello, my name is Sandy. I believe in soul mates and true love…is there a twelve step program for this?)
2) I am easily entertained

so you really can’t go by me.

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday such a special one. Suprises included!

Have wonderful Friday!


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5 Responses to “what a…”

OldOldLady Of The Hills Says:

:thumbsup: A Very Very Happy Birthday to you….! I think it is wonderful that you “get” that ‘life is short’….I don’t know how old you are, but that is a great thing to know in your mind and heart and bones! So, I say, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy….!

When you named that first restaurant that you went to for your first Birhfay dinner…I know there is one here in Los Angeles…Is that where you are, too?

Oh and by the way, Michele sent me to wish you The Happiest Of Birythdays….!:smile:

Sandy S Says:

glad you had such a wonderful birthday!

Brenda Says:

Keep going like that and you will wind up with “birthday butt.” Glad it was a good one, anyway. I keep thinking I would try the P.F. Chang’s in Grapevine, but I’m just too lazy to drive that far.

Denise ~ Says:

you got my card but still . . . :party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party:

2) I am easily entertained

and for this I am ever grateful! to you I am hilarious!

Love you bunches! :bananadance:

Devon Ellington Says:

Happy Belated Birthday!

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