Have you ever blogged and forgot to save it? Well that is what ‘doofus R us’ (me) did this morning.

Sorry! Will have to try and recreate it tonight.

Off to work!


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6 Responses to “GAW!”

Kathy Says:

Hi Sandy,

I’ve been reading your blogs for some time now and I have a quick question about your writing.

I was wondering which book you are currently working on? How long before you are finished with it. Which chapters have you completed? Could I get an autographed copy. I know other people who are interested in your progress.

Anxiously awaiting your finished work.


Sandy Says:

Kathy: Thanks for inquiring about my writing. I have slowly returned to my writing after a tough year, but I definitely need someone in my life to stay after me and kick my behind to keep me going. We all need a little ‘inspiration’ now and then. Stay tuned and I promise that I will have something soon and keep you informed about it.

Kathy Says:

Dear Sandy,

Are you a writer or a politician? Perhaps you have choosen the wrong profession.
You responded to my comments, but you failed to answer any of the questions.
Please respond with answers.
“Kicking Butt”


Sandy Says:

Kathy: :rotfl: Thanks so much for the kick today. Need it on a daily basis these days. By no means am I a politician. I like to write fiction based on fact that usually involve quests and {sorry, I am a romanticist at heart} true love that prevails through the worst. I do not write just straight romance. Don’t like it. Don’t read it. But, as many that know me, know I love a story, even action adventure or psychological suspense, that has a touch of romance to it. :loveeyes:

Is this TMI?

Kathy Says:

Dear Sandy (Fictional Politician),

I’m confused by your response. Is TMI the title of your next book, or does it mean what I think it means? There appears to be TMI in your response. You have failed to answer my questions.

Still looking forward to your answers!!


Sandy Says:

Dear Kathy,

No, none of my books are titled TMI. You crack me up! I am so sorry if I appear to be avoiding your questions. Which I really am, I am sorry to say. :hiding:

I have several novels in progress at the moment. One is a romantic paranormal series that is fiction based on fact. Another is a romantic comedy. And another one that is a young adult fantasy.

At the present, my life has kept me very ‘busy’ and I am so far behind that I need the inspiration and motivation and (one very important thing) TIME to work on them. It is like anything else, if you don’t use it, you lose it. And I have been away from my writing for so long that I am afraid I will lose the desire, the drive, the talent I have if I don’t get back to it soon.

I appreciate your interest and will welcome any suggestions you may have to find what I have recently lost.


P.S. By the way, do the initals KB stand for ‘kicking butt’? :rotfl:

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